Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Zoya Lael

Wow, this weather in the northeast is friggin' awful. And depressing. I hate the rain. I wish last week's weather would come back :'(

DBF ordered me some cute rainboots a while ago, but they were too big. He hasn't had the time to re-order in a smaller size or return them, so I just went ahead and ordered a smaller pair yesterday (LOL). Plus side is that they are now on sale at Zappos AND they'll be here TODAY! I'm kind of amazed. Ordered from Zappos yesterday around lunch, and they'll be here today? The original order took a lot longer than that to arrive! I'll post pics when I get them and see if I have a dupe in my stash, hehe.

So back to posting the polishes I got from this year's Zoya Exchange! This one was an instant love on the nail. Great formula, awesome colour... just all around fantastic.

Zoya Lael - 2 coats.

I'm sure it's not an original shade, but my dark, plummy corner of my collection is pretty sparse! The only other shade I have that is along the same lines, is the "Eau de vie macerated fruit" end of my Strange Beautiful duo from Anthropologie. Here's a comparison:

The SB is really lovely too. A jelly-ish formula. But the bottle of the duo drives me nuts. I'm trying to swap it on MUA now haha.

Oh it's Wednesday... I keep forgetting to participate in the Mean Girls' We Wear Pink on Wednesdays. Mostly because... I never wear pink. :) Hope you guys are having a good hump day!


  1.  Beautiful color! Any idea how close this is to Rescue Beauty Lounge Bruise?

  2. Oooh, this looks really pretty!  There are so many Zoyas, I love being surprised by ones I haven't seen before.  Looks great on you =)

  3. Meg @ Kitschy SuburbiaMay 18, 2011 at 4:57:00 PM EDT

    Oh, man that's a great color!  And I like Lael better than the other color...a little more red, maybe?  Either way, they're both super vampy gorgeous colors.  As for the can send it down to the southwest.  We're drowning in dust.  It's horribly dry here this Spring!

  4.  Yea what's up with this rain?! I like this plum... most shades like this end up being so dark you can't tell what color it is. I like that you can see that it's purple, but is still dark :)

  5.  Yikes! I hope you guys get some rain soon then!!

  6.  Ahh, I'm not sure, sorry! :)

  7. Exactly the reason why I like this one! Man, do I ever hate polishes that look near-black ><!  

  8. Totally WL worthy! :D 

  9. Thanks! Loooove my zoyas!