Monday, May 2, 2011

Zoya Adina and Ki

Hey guys! I hope you had a great weekend! Mine was soooo lovely and stress-free!! The weather was absolutely gorgeous in Northern Jersey, and I did absolutely no work or studying for the first time in months! \o/

DBF took me out for sushi on Friday after my exam (I have a super weak spot for soft shell crab rolls OMG so good and so bad for you) and we watched the Inside Job afterwards on bluray. I had a difficult time not thinking about my exam syllabus the entire time! I was a little peeved that the movie failed to properly explain securitization, but I guess that's what happens for mainstream audiences >.<

I had great ambitions of cleaning my apartment, but that totally got pushed aside in favour of watching Prison Break on Netflix LOL. I'm watching that with DBF now, but am wondering what else I can watch when he's not home? Any suggestions?

Ok, enough rambling! If you guys haven't seen yet, American Apparel is offering a $10 off coupon (no minimum, I think) for signing up for their email list on their site. Here is the link: (NSFW, generally).

You can choose the in-store coupon or the online code. The terms on the coupon say you cannot use it on Multibrand products (of which their nail polish IS), BUT, many NBers successfully used the coupon both online and in store. However, the 3-pack online apparently did not work with the coupon. In any event, it's a free coupon, so if your store doesn't let you use it on polish, I'm sure you can find a crotchless pair of pants. Or something equally classy.

Today, ima show you two more Zoyas I got from the exchange. A couple of awesome duochromes. I'm not sure if these pics are completely fair, though, since I use a diffused flash, the duochrome appears much more prominant in these pictures than they do in real life. So uhh yeah. Remember that, k?

Adina - This mostly just looks purpley on the nail, not *this* much green showing up. It is still awesome, though. 3 coats.

Ki - These pics look whacked... it's more a dark grey colour with a bit of purple flash. I LOVE this on my skintone and wore it on the weekend :) Again, 3 coats.

*twirling around* freedommmmm...


  1. Ki is SO pretty <3!!!

  2. Adina is my FAVORITE Zoya.....gorgeous! Ki is awesome too, both are very original!?;)

  3. Wowwwww, SO pretty! I found your blog through PoP and I'm so glad I did, it's polish porn with favorite! :-)

  4. Thanks for this post, I always thought they are similar :D

  5. Oh, yum! They're both gorgeous!

  6. Adina is beautiful! Ki looks a bit like Essence - Where's the party!

  7. Jersey has been lovely! IDK if you are anywhere near Morristown but if you love sushi you need to try Sushi Lounge, its so good!

    Adina and ki look beautiful on you!

    enjoy your freedom!

  8. Thanks for the rec! Morristown is a little ways out, but if I'm ever in the area I will def check it out :) I'm actually in Montclair!


  9. I should check out some Essences at Ulta! :D They look so cute... and they are cheap <3

  10. Haha, do you still think they are similar now? :)

  11. \o/ Yay! Glad you came over to take a gander!

  12. Yeah I love them both!! I don't know why it took me so long to get these :S