Monday, December 31, 2012

My Top Commerical and Indie polishes of 2012

If you're not a regular on Makeupalley's Nail Board, you might have missed the annual Top 20 polishes of the year, compiled from members on the board. This year, the list was split into commercial and indies. Here are the links if you are interested in seeing the results this year: Commercial Top 22 and Indie Top 22

You've seen these swatches before, probably, but just for fun here are the polishes I submitted this year, in alphabetical order. I only submit 14 for each list, as no others immediately came to mind when I considered my top x polishes :)


a-england Perceval - I still love this one! Not mindblowingly unique, but my first red foil. So pretty and glowy.

Essie Armed & Ready - I know most were disappointed by the hidden shimmer in this shade, but I reached for it again and again this year.

Essie Chinchilly - An old favourite, that always works for me when I don't know or care what to wear.

Essie Cocktail Bling - Love!

Essie She's Picture Perfect - A pastel that I wear again and again?? Unheard of!

Illamasqua Hectic - Lovely fugly shade that I reached for again and again in the fall.

Illamasqua Milf - One of the few mints that do not lobsterize me.

Illamasqua Raindrops - Beautiful dainty shade - good to know Illamasqua is bringing it back!

Misa Office Polish-tics - This is always a pleasure to put on. Leans blue on my skin tone.

Nails Inc. Baker Street - I was obsessed with this polish for several weeks after I got it and kept putting it on again and again!

NARS Midnight Express - An old favourite! I've got 75% left, and it's starting to make me panic!

Orly Sapphire Silk - What I had hoped MAC Blue India would be. I love this polish.


Zoya Skylar - I wore this tons in the spring!


CrowsToes Bone Daddy - 3 coats on its own - So in love with this polish!

CrowsToes Frogs' Breath over Zoya Ivanka - Instant bling.

CrowsToes Jingle Balls over Illa Rampage - This easily shot up to the top of my Holiday polishes.

Happy Hands Danse Macabre over OPI DTMT - My favourite Halloween polish this year.

Happy Hands Motherboy (1 coat) over Essie Sag Harbor - I love the unconventional mix of glitters in this, and love the mental image I get thinking of 'Motherboy'

Hare Dog Day Dream - Looooove.

Hare Golden Years - 1 coat over CND Midnight Sapphire - *SPLOOOOGE*

Hare King of Carat Flowers - 1 coat over OPI My Pointe Exactly (2 coats) - I consider this a work appropriate glitter! WIN!

Lilacquer Schrodinger's Catastrophe - Disco glitter love. And cats. WINNING!

Lynnderella Boy-Girl Party over AA Hassid - Still puts a smile on my face when I wear this!

Lynnderella Ruby Red Ruby over OPI Smitten with Mittens - Original bottle of RRR. So great for the holidays, I always want to wear it.

Pahlish Toxic and Timeless - This list is not ranked, but if it were, this would be #1.

Pam's Girly Bits Cu Blue - Smells like death, but so worth it.

Smitten Polish Hydrangea - Pretty gift from the pretty Noelie!

Did you partake in the Top 20 event on NB? What were your top 20 (or whatever number) polishes from 2012?

Happy New Year, everyone!