Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pam's Girly Bits Swatches

Disclosure: The polishes in the following post were provided to me for review.

Hi guys, I have some Pam's Girly Bits polish to show you today! Pam is a lovely lady from Canada who custom mixes her own polish for sale. She recently asked me if I would be interested in reviewing her polishes, and I was very happy that she considered me! I feel like a grown-up blogger now, haha.

If you are interested in purchasing her polishes, please check out Pam's Girly Bits for more information.

Here are the polishes Pam sent me (mostly in the mini size!):

Stormy Skies - 3 coats

Quick comp to help you get an idea of the colour

Notes - beautiful colour and pretty microglitter; reminded me a bit of some of BBC's older polishes. It dries a little satiny and needs topcoat, also like those BBCs. I found the formula on this one to be a little thicker than the others, but nothing I can't handle ;) I might add a couple drops of thinner next time I use it.

Sailors Delight - 2 coats

Comparison with MAC Imperial Flower, one of my fave oranges

Notes - DAMN. This is right up my alley. This has a gorgeous formula. It's very close to the MAC polish, except Pam's has way prettier and has larger glassflecks in it. *drooling* I don't have China Glaze Orange Marmalade, but I think this is redder. I haven't seen ChG Riveting in person yet, but it seems similar as well. I think the name is so cute, too.

Razzle Dazzle - 2 coats

Notes - Wow! I thought this would take a lot more coats! It's really pretty on the nail! I used 1 coat of SV, but as it started to dry down a bit, I noticed a bit of texture, so I would go with another coat of something to smooth it out :D

Hippity Hop - 1 coat over black

Notes - the shimmer in this polish reminds me of CND Sapphire Sparkle. Very pretty, kind of like instant galaxy nails.

Cosmic Ocean - 1 coat over CND Midnight Sapphire

with bounced flash

Notes - I believe this is the blue-green colour morphing pigment. I had a hard time getting the shift to photograph correctly, but hopefully you get the idea. The formula is very smooth and it does not dry cloudy or dull, which is nice!

January Morning - 1 coat over 3 coats Essie Marshmallow

January Morning - 1 coat over 2 coats Essie Sag Harbor

Notes - Very nice formula and very pretty. Has a very sweet meaning to Pam.

Promise Me - 3 coats

Notes - very complex pink shade, here! The base colour sort of reminds me of OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender. The formula was really nice and easy to work with. I think the colour is a tad cool for my skintone, but I really appreciate the depth in this one. DBF loves it, of course.

Hope this post helps you guys! And thanks again, Pam, for letting me try out your polishes! :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Icing Blue-Purple Magnetic

Work has been nuts the last couple of weeks, grrr...

Anyway, just a quick post of the other magnetic polish I own. It's the blue-purple magnetic from Icing. The magnet that comes with this one is a cool wave pattern. I really love this!

Icing Blue-Purple Magnetic (no real name) - 1 coat over CND Midnight Sapphire

I have a fairly sizeable Pam's Girly Bits post that is going to go up soon; I just need to format it! :D

So glad it's FRIDAYYYY...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My first a-englands: swatches and comparisons

Yesterday was rough for me! I ended up needing to work from home for about 11 hours, which is totes not my favourite way to spend Saturday.

The one bright spot was that my a-england order from llarowe arrived yesterday!!!

These are my first a-englands. I tried desperately to avoid jumping on the bandwagon, but I still caught the bug *sigh*. You can read my general thoughts at the end.

No topcoat in these pics, but I used Barielle HRF as my base coat.

a-england Guinevere - 2 coats, a medium dusty purple.

Comparison: a-england Guinevere and Essie Bangle Jangle - both 2 coats

Comparison: a-england Guinevere and Zoya Caitlin - both 2 coats

a-england Galahad - 1 coat, very nice formula! Reminds me of SH CSM Fairy Teal, but without stainage.

Comparison: a-england Galahad and Illamasqua Muse - I prefer the colour of Muse, but both are beautiful 1-coaters

a-england Perceval - homg! 2 coats, though it was opaque at 1 (it seemed richer with two coats). I'm guessing this is pretty similar to that Kleancolor metallic red and/or BL Knees Up, but I don't have any of those. So I am happy to have a metallic red like this! Definitely a keeper for me! Reminds me of Zoya Posh with topcoat, but finer shimmer.

a-england Elaine - dark, warmish purple. 1 coater as well!

Comparison: a-england Elaine and Zoya Pinta - Zoya is 2 coats here.

a-england Dragon - 1 coat. A warmish green with holo sparkle and a pretty, golden sheen to it. I'm a little lukewarm on this polish with my skintone. This brush was a little wonky for me, so I had to give it a bit of a haircut.

a-england Saint George - omgahhh. This one is to die for. 1 coat. It's really deep, jewel-toned teal. TOTALLY UP MY ALLEY.

Comparison: a-england Saint George and Speciallita Hits Hera over CND Urban Oasis (1 coat of each) - it looks closer in normal lighting, but the Hits is definitely more holo. The colour is less deep and dreamy XD.

a-england Lady of the Lake - 2 coats. Very pretty dark, grape purple with holo sparkle. This definitely needs two coats for me, a little sheerer, and so I think the holo shows up better

(I already purged Hits Dionisio, otherwise I would have done a comparison!)

Comparison: a-england Lady of the Lake and a-england Tristam - since I tend to get these two confused with one another

a-england Tristam - 2 coats. Dark blue with holo sparkle. Similar in formula to LotL. I like this too; it reminds me of one of the OPI Suede polishes (Ink Suede, I think)

My crazy-eyes, polish-addicted opinion:
  • Very lovely formula across all bottles. Of course, other brands also have polishes with great formulas (e.g., Illamasqua Muse), but it's still worth noting how consistently good these are.
  • I love the bottles (square/rectangular is my favourite!) and brushes (except Dragon)
  • Interesting theme, although I personally don't care much about it as long as the polish is amazing ;)
My reasonable-person opinion:
  • These don't seem to have balls! It worries me, because Galahad had streaky pigmentation when I first used it. I shook it up as much as I could, but it would have been easier if these guys were not ball-less.
  • The polishes don't add much variety to my stash, colourwise. Most of these don't give me that intense burning feeling I get when I absolutely LOVE a polish.
  • Other than the formula, the cremes are not that special.
  • If you are expecting holo-rainbows with LotL, Tristam, Dragon, or St. George, I think you will be disappointed.
Overall, I think these fall in my "nice to have", not "need to have" category. My favourites were Perceval and Saint George.

I bought mine at llarowe ($12 each), but you can also get them direct from Adina, the creator of a-england for 9GBP with free international shipping.

Have you taken the plunge and tried this brand? Am I totally missing out on one of their best shades? Tell me so I can buy more (bahahaha).