Sunday, July 29, 2012

Indie: Darling Diva Polish Spam (BSG collection, Golden Girls collection, and others)

Disclosure: The polishes in the following post were provided to me for swatchin'!

Hi guys! Hopefully you're not too sick of Indie polishes yet ;)

The creator of Darling Diva Polish is on a forum with me, and she mentioned needing someone to swatch her polishes for her, so I volunteered! She sent me a LOT of polish, so check out the spam below!

In general, the formula on these is thick, but still manageable. If you ask me, I would rather have a thick base that I can thin myself, than have too thin a base with sinking glitter (NUUU SINKING GLITTER!) These are 1-2 coats over the base colour, unless otherwise noted.

You can get Darling Diva Polish at her Etsy store.

Battlestar Galactica Collection

I love BSG and started rewatching the show on Netflix while swatching these. I'm halfway through Season 4 already, lol!

13th Colony - the copper glitter in this is so cool. A lot going on here!

13th Colony over Nails Inc Warwick Way

Chrome Job - I love the combo of string, jagged, and hex silver glitter in this. SO CYLON-Y. I do wish I could get a few more red glitters on the brush, though. The huge gunmetal hexes are pretty cool too.

Chrome Job over AA Hassid

Chrome Job over a-england Perceval - Tried it over another base, since over black you don't get to see the black glitter. But over red you don't get to see the red glitter!

Chrome Job over Misa Office Polish-tics - I don't have any true grays in my collection anymore, so here's a blueish grey

Angel of God - the glitter is not dense in this one, but I do like the golden flecks. The base is not tinted! I'm not sure if red glitter tends to bleed a bit over time, though.

Angel of God over Essie Limited Addiction

Resurrection - I love how this looks in the bottle. Lots of shimmer in the base of this one. I wish I had a light jelly pink to layer this over!

Resurrection over Zoya Dana

Uncharted Space - this one is amazing in a subtle way. I was really surprised by this one!!

Uncharted Space over Essie No More Film

The Opera House - the base is mostly clear in this with lots of white shimmer

The Opera House over Essie Marshmallow

Mitochondrial Eve - I adore this one. It reminds me of a decorated Christmas tree :)

Mitochondrial Eve over Illamasqua Rampage - The glitter is a lot more Christmas green than evergreen green here

Mitochondrial Eve over Illamasqua Milf - Just another layering idea

The Harbinger - Starbuck! Really neat blue shimmer in the base

The Harbinger over AA Hassid

So here's the NOTD I wore a couple weekends ago: I layered Chrome Job and Angel of God together to get what I wanted :D

1 coat Chrome Job, 1 coat Angel of God over AA Hassid - since I was looking for some more red, I added a coat of Angel of God to Chrome Job and LOVED the result.

Golden Girls Collection

Thank You for Being a Friend - This reminds me of Lucky Charms, to be honest. I love the glitter mix in this one. Even though I dislike holo glitters, the gold one in this really works for me. ._.

TYfBaF over Misa Got it Made in the Shade (OPI Stranger Tides dupe)

Rose - I *think* the gold in this is holo gold glitter. There's quite a bit of shimmer in this one too!

Rose over Essie Bangle Jangle

Dorothy - This one has smaller gold holo glitters, and overall the glitter is not dense at all BUT the shimmer in this one is my favourite.

Dorothy over Misa Dirty Sexy Money

Blanche - I drooled when I saw this bottle.

Blance over Essie No More Film


Sophia over CND Midnight Sapphire - This is a nice topcoat; I wish I went with a few more layers though.

Some one-offs / from other collections

Slutty Pumpkin (2 coats on its own) - ala How I Met Your Mother. This looks so adorable in the bottle. The holo is quite opaque, so you only need a couple coats.

Soft Kitty - from Big Bang Theory! I love the iridescent glitter in this. The shimmer is quite prominent in this one as well. I think I like this mix a little better than Resurrection, but I still need to play with them some more :D

Soft Kitty over Essie St Lucia Lilac

Just Keep Swimming - I think the pale green glitter in this is really cool; I haven't seen that before.

Just Keep Swimming over CND Midnight Sapphire

Bitches Have Birthdays (lol at this name!) - I like this more than I thought. I enjoy the gold in this, and the formula is really fantastic on this one.

Bitches Have Birthdays - 3 coats on its own

Hope that was helpful! Any of these appeal to you? Do you own any Darling Diva Polish? She has SO many polishes in her Etsy store, LOL.