Friday, November 30, 2012

Indie: Polish Revolution "How Curious?" trio swatches

Disclosure: the following polishes were provided to me for swatching.

Hi guys! Just a super quick post with Lauryn's newest mini collection called "How Curious?"

These are all glitter polishes with a variety of smaller sized glitters, which is a nice change of pace from huge glitter bombs. I had no issues with the formula, at all.

They are already available at Polish Revolution @ Etsy

Bottle Shots - Note, these are promo labels. She actually has new labels!

Looking Glass Logic (2 coats over black jelly franken) - I felt the formula was a little thicker on this one than the other two, but not difficult by any means. There's some disco glitter in here!

The Sea Was Boiling Hot (2 coats over Essie Film Noir) - Really nice formula on this one

What Alice Found (2 coats over Orly Plum Noir) - There are some holo hexes in here, very light catching!

Gotta run! Can't believe December 1 is tomorrow!! @_@

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Indie: Happy Hands swatch spam (Cult Favorites and Holiday collection, and a few Arrested Development)

Disclosure: The following polishes were provided to me for review.

Kristi of Happy Hands polish sent me her two latest collections to swatch, as well as a few from her Arrested Development collection that I have been lemming!

For the two new collections, a few of the polishes smell bad due to their colorants. She has a warning on each listing in her Etsy store, so watch out for that if you have a sensitive nose!

Oh! These are all in new square bottles with super cute new kraft paper labels! I neglected to take bottle pictures, but I will try to remember to do that and edit them in later!

Happy Hands @ Etsy

My favourites out of these are Feliz Navidad, The New Year, and Motherboy.

Cult Favorites Collection

This collection is inspired by Kristi and her husband's favourite cult movies.

Lady Goodman (2 coats on its own) - Great formula, but this one has a strong smell. Very pretty and dainty, though!

Black Mamba (1 coat) over black jelly franken - I had to be a bit careful with the glitter on this one, but I didn't have too much trouble spreading the glitter on my nails. My best friend in high school was OBSESSED with Kill Bill, I bet she would like this one.

I am Jack's Broken Heart (3 coats on its own) - This has a jelly base, but it is more opaque than it photographed. Formula is smooth and easy to apply, but this one is stanky.

I am Jack's Broken Heart (1 coat) over Orly Plum Noir - Such lovely shimmer in the base.

El Duderino (3 coats on its own) Great formula, though also stinky.

Holiday Collection (available 12/3)

These polishes are inspired by Kristi's favourite Holiday and Christmas songs.

Feliz Navidad (3 coats on its own) - Very pretty, easy formula. A bit stinky.

Feliz Navidad (1 coat) over OPI You Callin' Me a Lyre?

The New Year (1 coat) over OPI DTMT - Great formula, love this glitter combo (white and silver!)

The New Year (1 coat) over black jelly franken

Silent Night (2 coats) over CND Midnight Sapphire - This looks great 3 coats on its own, but since it is a jelly base, it photographed funny. This is so beautiful, but it stinks to high heaven due to the colorants used.

What's This (2 coats) over OPI Don't Touch My Tutu

And a few polishes from her Arrested Development collection (so excited for the new episodes!!)

Mayonegg (2 coats) over Misa Heaven White - The white shimmer in this is amazing! I found the polish to be challenging to apply, as most whites tend to be, and the glitters can stick to one another a bit - but, I think it's totally worth the effort. The final look is just so cool and graphic.

Motherboy (1 coat) over Essie Sag Harbor - I just love this combination of glitters - I find it to be so unconventional and pretty! The formula on this is a little thick, but it's not difficult to spread the glitters out. I would advise letting your base colour dry a little longer than usual for this one.

Motherboy (1 coat) over Essie She's Picture Perfect

I Just Blue Myself over black jelly franken - The glitters are easy to spread in this one. Not much to say other than SHINY!

I Just Blue Myself (2 coats) over CND Midnight Sapphire - here I wanted to see what 2 coats would look like, and it's almost like a blue version of Lynnderella Ruby Red Ruby. Two coats of this glitter definitely needs a lot of topcoat (just like RRR), though. But damn is it glittery as heck! :D

There are still more indie swatches to come... :)