Thursday, September 27, 2012

Indie: Happy Hands Halloween 2012 - Ready for Fall Collection - spam!

Disclosure: The following polishes were provided to me for swatching.

Another indie spam post! Woooo! :) Kristi is on a forum with me, and asked me if I wanted to swatch her Halloween "Ready for Fall" collection. I eagerly jumped at the chance, because I had admired her "Greetings From Florida" and "I've Made A Huge Mistake!" (i.e., inspired by Arrested Development!) collections. I think she is sending me a couple of the polishes from the AD collection too, even though I'm sure those are selling like hotcakes :)

Anyways! Back to the collection at hand. These Halloween polishes will be available until the end of October, so if you see something you like, make sure you grab it soon! Kristi stocks her Etsy shop every Saturday at 5pm EST.

With the exception of Z is for Zombies, the formula is on the thicker side, but ya'll know that is my preference when it comes to indie glitters. *holds up a bottle of thinner* You can customize the consistency to your preference, although I have yet to meet an indie glitter that I needed to thin :p

For the pics below, I layered 1-2 coats of the Happy Hands over a base colour (with exception of Z is for Zombies) and topped with SV. For the jelly sandwiches with OPI Don't Touch My Tutu (DTMT), the base is 3 coats of OPI DTMT, 1-2 coats of glitter, and 1 more coat of the OPI.

My 2 favourites are Stuffed and Danse Macabre.

Available at: Happy Hands @ Etsy for $8 each

Bottle shots

Danse Macabre - this song always reminds me of that episode of Buffy where the Gentlemen come to town and steal everyone's voices. And Xander mistakes "staking"-hand gesture for "boobies".

Danse Macabre over Essie Vermillionaire

Danse Macabre over OPI DTMT

Danse Macabre sandwich style

Easy Bake Coven

Easy Bake Coven over Illamasqua Milf (SV brush ruining my macro again!)

Easy Bake Coven over OPI DTMT

Easy Bake Coven sammich style

Stuffed - oh man, this is SO Thanksgiving in a bottle, it blows my mind

Stuffed over ChG Ingrid

Stuffed over Essie Power Clutch

Stuffed over OPI DTMT

Stuffed mmm turkey sandwich

Z is for Zombies - no matter how I look at this, it makes me think of guacomole, LOL

Z is for Zombies - 3 coats on its own

Hope you enjoyed that, I know I did! *rolls around in bottles of indie glitter polish*

Monday, September 24, 2012

Indie: CrowsToes Halloween 2012 swatches!

Hi guys!

Sorry I have not posted in a while. I had a polish drought, but recently the glitter gods have blessed me and I am flush with indies to swatch again XD So just a fair warning that the next 3 or 4 or 5... posts are going to be indie spam posts!

Disclosure: the following polishes were gifted to me by the creator!

I absolutely died when I saw Em's swatches of Crowstoes Halloween 2012 polishes and my drooling apparently made Lauri, the mastermind behind Crowtoes, want to RAOK me the collection! WOOHOO! Drooling works, guys!

These are my first Crowstoes, and they are really remarkable! I think my 2 stand out faves are Bone Daddy and Frogs' Breath. Voodoo is also amazingly versatile. I love Tangled Web too. Ok they are all pretty flipping cool.

In terms of formula, these are on the thicker side, but you can thin to your preference with clear polish (not WnW, though! apparently it reacts poorly with Crowstoes polishes!) or polish thinner. Better thick than sinkin' glitter, I always say *chews on some straw*.

I did 1-2ish coats over the base colour depending on the glitters that came out. I topped with SV to get a smooth finish.

Where to buy:
Llarowe for $13 each
Overall Beauty for $12 each.

Group shot

Bone Daddy - those yellowish glitters are disco glitters, so they don't look yellow IRL (they look like the blue iridescent ones). Disco glitters just cause cameras to have the crazies ><

Bone Daddy over OPI My Pointe ExactlySquishy and beautiful!

Bone Daddy over Essie Cocktail Bling

Frogs' Breath

Frogs' Breath over Essie Going Incognito

Frogs' Breath over Illamasqua Milf (SV made brushstrokes in the macro shot! argh!)

Frogs' Breath over Zoya Ivanka (my favourite combination @_@)

Hell Hath No Fury

Hell Hath No Fury over Essie Limited Addiction

Purple People Eater - I wish I still had Zoya Mimi.. I think it would have looked good with this.

Purple People Eater over Misa Dirty Sexy Money

Purple People Eater over Zoya Caitlin

Tangled Web - I love this black and blue combo...

Tangled Web over Misa Office Polish-tics

Tangled Web over jelly black franken

Tangled Web over Orly Stone Cold

VooDoo - this one screams Halloween, and looks great over so many base colours!

VooDoo over jelly black franken

VooDoo over Essie She's Picture Perfect

VooDoo over Essie Vermillionaire

VooDoo over Essie No More Film

Cool beans, right? RIGHT?

Thank you for sending these to me, Lauri!