Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Zoya Kieko and Demi

You know, I really ordered a lot of purples from this last Zoya exchange. Look at these two I got that are irritatingly similar LOL

Zoya Kieko - from this year's Summertime collection

Zoya Demi - from the Dare collection

They are not dupes, but they are really similar. The formula on both is great; I think Demi is a tad more opaque.

Comparison: Demi vs. Kieko

I have quite a few things coming to me in the mail this week! I'm totally on a "high-buy" for May (LOL) because of post-exam stress-relief and birthday shopping!

I am waiting for:
  • Nfu Oh 61 - I skipped out on the base, but *hopefully* Barielle HRF will work in a pinch, or my Essie MAY
  • MAC Bad Fairy - I actually won this in a giveaway, guys! This'll be my first MAC
  • OPI You Ottaware Purple - I grew up in Ottawa! :)
  • DL GitA - finally came back in stock at BeautyBar this morning and I snapped it up)
  • BL Lady Muck - woooo! also from BeautyBar. Unfortunately, Victoriana was OOS, so I'll have to wait to satisfy that lemming :'(). This will be my first Butter "Seattle".

Also, I need to go buy the entire OPI POTC collection, Essie Smooth Sailing, Absolutely Shore, and Da Bush.


  1. Yep been a "high-buy" month for me too :) Orig. didn't want any of the POTC collection...yeah now I'm getting everything but Mermaid Tears basically (and that's only b/c I have Orly Ancient Jade which is very similar). I am lemming Lady Muck and I have Victoriana- it's lovely. Oh and you really NEED Essie Smooth Sailing- I already bought a BU b/c it's absolutely stunning! I am in love! Happy birthday btw!

  2. Demi looks really good!

  3. Thank you, Ashley!! Yeah there is a lot of tasty polish coming out!! :D I WANT IT ALL @____@