Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MAC Bad Fairy and Misa Under My Sunbrella

Hey guys! I am loving the weather right now in NJ! Beautiful sunshine and low 70s - PERFECT! I want to live somewhere where it's like this year round! I know NorCal has beautiful weather, but it's too rainy in the winter for me D:

One of my favourite bloggers, Lola over at Suburban Beauty, has been sporadically having little giveaways and I happened to win one! I love her pics so, so much, and her blog layout is too adorable! (I hope you guys don't mind the complete ABSENCE of design on my blog LOL, I'm just assuming everyone reads through Google Reader!!) If you aren't already an avid fan of hers, you definitely need to check her blog out!

So, what did I win? Well, if the subject line didn't give it away already, it was the highly coveted MAC Bad Fairy! I wanted this when it came out, but a few things held me back: MAC's annoying, yet brilliant, limited edition marketing strategy, the wonky brush on their lacquers, and the price per mL. I'm super happy to have won this polish!! Thanks so much, Lola!!!!

MAC Bad Fairy - This is three coats. I love how light-reflecting and eyecatching this shade is! From a normal viewing distance, this polish appear magenta on my skintone. Up close, the polish flashes orange and pink from different angles. So pretty!

I'm on my second day of wearing BF, with only a few chips on my ring and index finger of my right hand. To be fair, I've been having some peelies on those nails, so I don't think I can fault the formula there. I did get some shrinkage with SV, but I tend to expect that when it comes to polishes like this (same with the Orly FXs and many of Zoya's foiley-glass-flecked polishes).

Lola also (very generously) included a bonus polish from the most recent Misa collection! I wish Misa would promote their collections more by providing samples to bloggers, because they need more recognition!!

Misa Under my Sunbrella - The name of this yellow glass-flecked jelly is too cute! I don't think this is flattering on me (the pics make it look a bit darker than it does in real life), but it has a great, 2-coat formula. I'm currently trying to think of ways to layer this, since the glass-flecks in it polish are TDF!

I hope you guys are having a great hump day!


  1. Oh, man Bad Fairy looks awesome. I always kick myself for not getting a polish right when it comes out! Cute is the perfect word to describe the Misa one...looks great on you!

  2. The nail polishes in this collection were so pretty!
    BF looks great on you

  3. Wow these colors are both soooo nice!!

  4. I'm wondering how that Misa will look on black!

  5. I'd forgotten how pretty bad fairy is!

  6. Hehe, I'm only a year behind!

  7. Oh, I actually did do a quick swatch of this but didn't post it because I didn't do a very good job LOL: