Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nfu Oh 61

I'm going to interrupt my Zoya Exchange polish swatches to bring you this very special holo-post! :D

Last week, Nfu Oh 61 came back in stock at Fabuloustreet and NB jumped on it and they sold out in something like 10 hours. I ordered one too, despite being on a no-buy for all of April (failed miserably! Oh well!) and it arrived yesterday!

I ran up to my apartment after work and basically slapped on three coats overtop my existing mani, chips and all. It was Zoya Lael, but Nfu Oh 61 completely covered it… It was a rainy day yesterday, but a few sunshine rays peeked out for me to grab a couple shots of my janked up swatch.

Full Sun (you can see I have chips in my nails underneath, sorry!)

Then I decided this gorgeous polish needed a proper swatch to put in my spreadsheet. So, I took off my nail polish, and put on my Barielle HRF. Then I tried to apply 61. OMG, terrible application. It was streaky and the pigment would clump up if I went over my nail again… ahh I was freaking out that I should have bought the Aqua Base!

But I was confused, because it applied much better over top my old mani. So here's what I did for the swatches below:

1 coat clear basecoat (SH Hard as Nails) topped with Seche Vite. Let dry. Then 3 coats of Nfu Oh 61, while waiting a couple mins between coats. This was a million times easier to apply! I'm glad I found a way to avoid spending another $12!

Of course, by the time I got all this figured out, it was almost 7pm and the sun totally gone, so here are swatches using my flash unit.

Diffused Flash (aka, my usual swatch setup using a white plastic bag over my external flash unit)

Direct Flash (my least favourite method, but works well for holos)

And I also took some indoors shots so you see what it looks like without awesome sun or light. I had to increase my aperture so there would be enough light coming into my lens, so these pics are not as uniformly in focus as the previous pics. Hopefully, you get the idea, though!

In twilight coming from my window

Normal indoors light (just the room light; it looks more holo directly under the light)

Anyways, love this! I want to buy all the others now, but of course they are sold out. I shall wait!

My GitA and Lady Muck are on their way to my house today. I've already prepped my nails with my Glitterless GitA-franken (just a baby blue jelly, haha) so I can slap on two coats of GitA! So excited!


  1. Yep, Aqua Base is 100% the way to go with these.
    But ahh it looks so magical anyway. I'm so glad to see that all the rumors about it being deaded were not true.

  2. Great post! I ordering this one too and will keep your tips in mind.

  3. It's breathtaking!

  4. Holy Holo batman I need this polish. *waits impatiently for it to come back in stock*

  5. Meg @ Kitschy SuburbiaMay 5, 2011 at 6:27:00 PM EDT

    HOLY EFF this is pretty! NEED! NEEEEEEED!

  6. Wow I love the different shots you took of this!!!

  7. man you took some amazing photos of 61! it looks so incredible on you!

  8. Thanks! I'm sooo glad to have it now!

  9. I know right O_O And people on fb think I'm crazy for having so much nail polish - how could I not with so much amazing stuff out there?!

  10. Haha, someone on NB asked how it looked in different lighting, so I obliged :)

  11. Yes... unless you have another holo like this (for example, Gosh Holographic)

  12. I hope it comes back soon! I need to pick up some of the other colours too!!

  13. Can't wait to see your pics when you swatch it!

  14. Yeah, I was worried about the rumours too! I'm very pleased with this bottle *nods*

  15. Just a hint for everyone that wants/needs this: It just came back in stock @ Fabuloustreet!

    I just ordered mine, so I feel it's safe to share this with my fellow lacquer lovers... :D