Monday, March 11, 2013

Indie: Polish Revolution Spring 2013 swatches

Disclaimer: The following polishes were provided to me for swatching/review purposes.

Check out the spring polishes from Polish Revolution :D

Where to buy: Polish Revolution @ Etsy

Bottle pics

Eleganza (2 coats) - Beautiful formula and unexpected mix of glitters! The flash made my VNL (on my ring and pinky fingers) look more apparent than it is IRL. You could add a third coat, but I really think 2 is perfect :D

Florals... for Spring? (2 coats) - Another beautifully formulated polish. A third coat might have photographed better here, but it looked perfect IRL! *shakes fist at flash*

Glitterbox (2 coats) over Nails Inc Baker St - Really fun topcoat with lots of shimmer and various types of square glitter. If you love square glitter, you're going to need this! :)

Grin and Bare It (3 coats) - You could wear this at 2 coats, but I went with three here. I love the blue iridescent disco glitter :9 This is a really cool "nude" polish with a kick of glitter.

Summer State of Mind (2 coats) - I went back to 2 coats, but should have used 3 for pics because it's a jelly base. The blue hexes are actually holo glitters, and there's a ton of fuchsia shimmer in here!

Zombie Gardens (2 coats) - Lauryn really knows how to make a zombie polish :D

Florals for Spring is my favourite from this collection, but I also really dig Grin and Bare It :)


I just have 1 more indie post to make before I'm caught up! Took me long enough, right? Like I said before, I have almost all the Color Club Halo Hues left to try and swatch, plus I plan on ordering a few of the new Spring polishes from HARE :D

Friday, March 8, 2013

Indie: Happy Hands Faint of Heart Collection swatches

Disclaimer: The following polishes were provided to me for swatching and review purposes.

Here's another indie spring collection that I have had swatched for a while now, but am only now getting to post them. Since I'm rather late on these posts, if there's on that catches your eye, I recommend you grab it sooner rather than later!

Purchase info:
Happy Hands @ BigCartel
Happy Hands @ Etsy
Happy Hands @ Harlow and Co

First, some bottle pics:

For You, My Love (2 coats): easy formula, loaded with pink shimmer

The Worst Is Over (2 coats): very lovely formula, glitter is very dense, so you'll definitely want to topcoat this one. Such a pretty combination of colours; I especially love the base colour.

Metal Heart (2 coats): Bright, but deep, pink jelly. It photographed lighter than it looks IRL. The formula is very nice, but be careful not to apply your coats too quickly, as the larger glitters might drag through your prior coat! The black glitter is so surprising and awesome; I feel like this a Rockstar Barbie polish.

Metal Heart (2 coats) over Zoya Blaze (1 coat): If you couldn't tell, this is a jawdropping combo XD

Am I Not Yours? (3 coats): At 2 coats, this polish looks nice with some VNL, and at 3 coats, it seemed a little thick on the nail, so I would rather layer this over something else. It leans very green on my skintone. The glitter is very dense and super shiny/light catching.

Am I Not Yours? (2 coats) over Essie Go Overboard (1 coat): I wish I had a dark teal jelly, but this is a pretty nice combo too :)

What do you think? Metal Heart is my favourite of the collection. It's just so fun!


So, being busy aside, I wanted to tell you that the maintenance guy in my apartment building has started commenting on my nails almost everytime I see him. I guess coming into my apartment to replace lightbulbs, check the water heater, etc. he has noticed that I always have bottles of nail polish lying around (everywhere!!!). Guys, I won't lie. I was mortified the first time he said something. I am not ashamed of loving nail polish, but I don't like people pointing it out to me every time I see them!! Now I am hyper-aware of where he is in the building at any given moment. LOL.

Anyways, I hope you guys have a great weekend! I have a lot of household chores to catch up on!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Indie: Smitten Polish Wickedly Smitten swatches

Disclaimer: The following polishes were provided to me for swatching and review purposes.

I am clearly behind on posting, but I have lots of indie polishes to show you!

Here is Noelie's collection inspired by the musical Wicked. If you'd like to read her inspiration for each shade, you can check out her blog post on it here.

Purchase information: Smitten Polish Etsy Shop

As usual, beautiful formulas.

Look to the Western Sky - 3 coats - such a unique polish! The polish is very smooth and fluid. The flash makes it seem more transparent at the sides of the nails than it appears IRL.

I Feel... Wicked - 3 coats - Dood. I don't even like holo glitter, but this polish is pretty inspired. Looks a bit deeper IRL - the jelly nature is accentuated by mah flash. A few of the smaller glitters were impossible to clean off my cuticle.. I hate it when that happens.

I Feel... Wicked (1 coat) over Illamasqua Rampage - :9

Traveling by Bubble - 3 coats - How cute is this? There's a fine shimmer running through this as well, that I didn't know about until I started applying it on the nail!

Comparison: Traveling by Bubble and Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the Air(4 coats) - The glitter mix reminded me of the DL, but they are totes different

Pink Goes Good with Green! (3 coats) - super cute muted minty base!

Who Steals a Dead Woman's Shoes?? (1 coat) over Essie Marshmallow - This is so bling-tastic. I tried to swatch it 3 coats on its own, but it blinded the hell out of my camera and the pictures turned out awful.

Nice collection, Noelie! I think my fave is IFW over Rampage (the name combo even sounds appropriate LOL).

I have not seen this musical yet... I really should! Have you seen it?


I have been absolutely swamped at work these last few months, and added to that is wedding planning (which is a nightmare, as I expected). I have dreaded wedding planning even when I was a kid (and had no beau in sight), and now that I seriously have to do it, I just want to run away. Someone help me convince my fiance to elope!!! Ayeeeee.

Upcoming indie swatches: Happy Hands, Polish Revolution, and Darling Diva! I also have some mainstream polish (I think) from a few swaps to show, AND I have a lot of the Color Club Halo Hues that I have yet to swatch >.> My god, I need an extra day in my week!!!