Friday, May 27, 2011

Orly Royal Navy and Revlon Royal

Oh man, finally the long weekend is here. Just gotta make it through a few more hours at work, then I'm free!!

My nail-related goal for the weekend is to weed through my stash and purge polishes for swap or blog sale (depending how many there are). I'm going to ask myself, for each polish: "Am I excited to wear you again?" and "Do I love you very, very much?". Wish me luck!!

Here are two super bright blues that photograph terribly. It was impossible for me to get them right... I wonder if it has to do with the pigment? Anyway, at least they are both equally inaccurate :D

Orly Royal Navy - Wow, I love this polish! The first time I wore it, I was not impressed because all the shimmer pigment had settled to the bottom! Now I shake it up like a madwoman before wearing it. So gorgeous! I can't remember if I did 2 or 3 coats; whatever it was, the formula is great. Highly recommend this bad boy!

Revlon Royal - Similar to the Orly, but without the shimmers. Ever notice that these kind of blues smell strange? Anyway, this jelly is quite nice as well, with a great formula. It makes a nice base for a lot of layering combinations!


And here is the comparison of the two:

Have a great long weekend, guys! (And for my Canadian peeps, you already had yers last week!)


  1. You had better not purge either of those! =)

    I've had Royal Navy sitting in my little polish basket upside down since yesterday so that the shimmer will be nice distributed when I use it today. XD

  2. I have that Revlon guy and love his juiciness, but oh the sparkle of Orly is calling my name.

    I am gifting you with the Kreativ Blogger Award! <3  No biggie if you don't want to participate (or already received it), but swing by my blog to have a good laugh at my secrets :D

  3. These two look both amazing! I'm so in love with blue polish right now :D 

  4. Wow, those are great, especially the second one!

  5. These are both gorgeous!
    And good luck with the purging...I'm working on that now, and it's so hard. :(

  6. I made good progress over the weekend! I'm currently stuck on OPI Stranger Tides vs Essie Da Bush. Sigh.

  7. thanks Loodie! I'll come check out your blog! I'm not a huge fan of blog awards, to be honest >.<! 

  8. I think these two guys are safe from my purge! :D

  9. I have absolutely noticed that cobalts tend to smell particularly awful. One of my favourite cheapies, SH Xtreme Wear in Pacific Blue, smells like wet cigarette ashes! :/