Friday, June 7, 2013

Non-Nails, but Sailormoon-related post!

So, possibly you guys might know I was a huge Sailormoon fan in my childhood, and when I did my Starlight Polish review post late last year, I had the following story:

"Sailor Saturn was my favourite senshi, but looking back now, I couldn't tell you why. I made my mom make a Sailor Saturn Halloween costume for me one year, and every house I went to asked, "Ohh are you Sailor Moon?" and I had to retort "No, OBVIOUSLY, I AM SAILOR SATURN". That costume was so good! I seriously hounded my mother on every detail of the costume. I'll try and see if I have a picture of me in it, or the costume itself (assuming mother has not sold it for $5 at a yard sale), so I can show you guys later! :D"

Well, I was home over Memorial Day weekend, and happened to find this picture in a photo album!

*drumroll please*

You can possibly see the tell-tale signs that I was from Canada. That is:
1. Sweatshirt under my costume.
2. Sweatpants/snowpants worn under my costume, on the bed in the picture
3. Winter jacket over the costume, also on the bed.

Hope you guys are doing well :)