Friday, June 17, 2011

Reader Request: Comparison of Essie Smooth Sailing and Zoya Caitlin

Hey guys! It's Friday, woohoo!

One of my readers, Kohl, asked me if these two were close-ish.

Here's a picture using my normal photo settings (i.e., diffused flash)

Here it is without flash, but under a regular indoor lamp (sorry it's not as in-focus! Happens to this lens without extra light!)

Hope that helps! I love both :)


  1. Wow caitlin looks super grey on you, its purple on me..

    & every time i see SS I want it more and more, but i think you just convinced me!

  2. I need Smooth Sailing.  I almost bought it last night and it broke my heart that I decided to buy a bunch of cheaper polishes instead.  She will be mine.

  3. Both are pretty, but definitely different :)

  4. I bought smooth sailing, but Essie polishes take forever to dry on my fingers, so I can only use it as a pedicure color now. That just seems awkward for me since I'm used to pinks and nudes on my toes.

  5. Thank you for responding to my request so soon:) really appreciated it!!  I compared them on google image and they looked really similar in shade but from ur comparison side by side. I can surely see the differences...guess I'll be order SS real soon.

    ps. Caitlin does look really grey hereagain thank you sooo much <3