Sunday, June 5, 2011

NYX Girls Spam

Woo, Game 2 last night was super exciting! Anyone else watch?

Here are my first NYX Girls that I received from a NBer :)

NYX Girls Maven - This is my favourite! I have it here layered over Orly Royal Navy, and my pictures really don't do it justice.

NYX Girls Frizzy Spot - I thought I would like this a lot more, but I didn't have the patience in applying it. It required 4 coats for this opacity, so I tried layering it over a black. I still didn't like the result, so this is headed to my swap box!

Layered over Zoya Dovima:

NYX Girls Algae - I like these kinds of colours, but it's too close to one of my faves (Misa DSM).

Comparison with Misa Dirty Sexy Money

NYX Girls True Navy - This is a nice, squishy colour.

Comparison: with OPI Dating a Royal and AA Cameo Blue.

NYX Girls Dreamy Glitter - I had no idea what to layer this polish over, so I tried Essie French Affair. There are little star glitters in this polish too, but I couldn't get one out at all LOL. I probably would need to fish them out with a toothpick!

These bottles are quite nice, though. They look exactly like BB Couture Men's bottles, so that's where they are shacking up with :)

Hope you guys are having a great weekend! I can't wait for Game 3 :D


  1. I wanted to buy some NYX polishes too, and these pictures make me want them even more! Especially True Navy and Frizzy Spot :)

  2. They have nice bottles too!

  3. Dreamy Glitter is so awesome!  

  4. True Navy and Dreamy Glitter are amazing! And yes, last nights game was nervewrecking! My heart was beating like I just ran a marathon haha. Beautiful pics =)

  5. Oooh, I'm so going to look for True Navy! I just picked up 6 of the NYX girls myself, Dreamy Glitter included. I got a black glitter that I can't read the label for, I wonder if it's Frizzy Spot? Hmm, kind of looks like it!

  6. I think I agree about Frizzy Spot, weird name weird polish, I'd be swapping it too lol. I do really like Algae and True Navy though!
    Also, I'm a monster Canucks fan so I've been glued to the tv for playoffs. So exciting and so nervewracking all at once!

  7. These are all gorgeous! I have Frizzy Spots, but have yet to use it...I want all of the colors you posted!