Thursday, June 16, 2011

CND Sweet and Sugar Sparkle

*sound of deflating balloon*

Game 7 last night was not good for the Canucks. I am happy for the Boston Bruins, though. I'm disappointed that some "fans" decided to riot in Vancouver... overreact, much?

Anyway, I realized I forgot to show you this CND set! I was lemming it pretty hard and fairly convinced I would never get it, since it is from Spring 2010, but a kind MUAer offered to swap for it!

CND Sweet - Pretty pink, but not as flattering as the other pinks in my stash. I actually sold this in my blog sale last week!

CND Sugar Sparkle over CND Sweet - Sooo gorgeous. I love this effect.

Ahh, now that the Stanley Cup playoffs are over, what am I going to watch on tv at nights?!


  1. So pretty!  I love the CND sets they come out with. Im really lemming the one that came out recently....bare something?  I forget.  No place around me sells Creative, it's such a bummer!  

  2. oh I love this one...beautiful and perfect for summer

  3. Aaw, that combo makes my blog's name lol :D
    I love that pink but I'm not sure it would suit my skintone. And I absolutely LOVE Sugar Sparkle, it's too bad my usual online retailers don't have it ...  (in fact I love all CND Sparkles ;) )

  4. After my low buy this month I may order some CND's! I love this color

  5. I'm kind of upset I passed over this color when I was looking at your blog sale.  On the nail it looks like I would have loved it! 

  6. I love it on you don't know why you say it's not as flattering as other pinks!!

  7. This pink is exactly what I'm looking for in these days...I really hope I'll find something like this!