Friday, September 30, 2011

Missha HGR01 and JBL01

Here are the two Misshas I picked up in Korea. I wanted to get more, but the other polishes in this series (same bottle shape/size) didn't impress me. There were some cute cremes in smaller bottles of the same shape, but I didn't want ones that didn't match ><

No humourous story to go with my Missha shopping trip. Well, other than DBF picking out a lipstick that looks terrible on me (be sure to see it on my next blog sale, LOL).

I also bought a pencil eyeliner and a liquid eyeliner at Missha, but both were a letdown. The pencil liner is not very opaque, and the liquid liner sticks to itself / flakes off (at least on my lids).

Missha HGR01 - I really like how this polish looks in pictures, but in real life, the blue duochrome doesn't appear that much on my nails. I'll need to give it a good test run, but that's my first impression of this polish.

Missha JBL01 - I saw several swatches of this as well, and it's quite interesting. There are green glints of this polish, that are very hard to photograph, but are much more apparent in real life. It's nice.

It's worth noting (if you haven't heard about these before) that these polishes:

a) have a ginormous paddle brush... I would say, even larger than the Sally Hansen CSM brushes which barely fit through the neck of the bottle,

b) have is a "rose" scent,

c) are in cute, slanty heart-shaped bottles, but they don't exactly line up very well in a drawer/box.

That's it from me now. Hope you guys have a great weekend. I really need some time to recoup; the two weeks back from vacation have been ridiculously busy at work!


  1. I love them both, but the blue one is truly gorgeous

  2. I love both of these colors! SO pretty!!

  3. The blue polish is gorgeous!

  4. These are gorgeous! Great swatches, as always :)

  5. The blue one is frickin' amazing. Want!

  6. I love them both on you! I missed your pictures while you were gone :)

  7. Those shimmers are out of control. Love them!

  8. This second polish (JBL01) is nothing short of spectacular! Seriously, this looks like the swirling universe, or maybe even some intricate underwater footage....absolutely hypnotic & I love it! Looks absolutely fab on you!

  9. both of them are gorgeous...I still haven't tried them although I also have these 2 pretties!