Monday, October 3, 2011

Tony Moly (Mars, Neptune, Jupiter)

Hi guys :) Wow, is it ever cool in NJ today! I really like the fall season, though. Everyone at work is depressed about summer being over, but I am pretty happy about it. I hate being really hot and sweaty all the time -.-

I'm going to show you my Tony Moly polishes. I had seen these even before my vacation and was interested in picking up a few; although, I was unsure which ones. I stumbled upon my first Tony Moly store when we went to COEX the first time (actually, I think it was technically not in the COEX mall, but a side mall). Anyways, I went in to look at the polishes, but I actually wasn't sure which polishes were which. I looked for the planet names, but there were only number codes on the labels. Duhhh... the names were in Korean.

As I was browsing the rest of the store to see if I wanted to get anything else, a SA came up to me and started talking in Korean. After my "Uhhh" face, she started talking in Mandarin, and said "Is Chinese okay?" Now, I was born in Canada, but my parents spoke some Chinese at home and forced me to Saturday school (I'm sure some of you can relate, lol) so I can understand Chinese, but it is still my second language. I tentatively said "Uhh, yeah, it's okay..." and she asked me what I was looking for.

I said I was just looking around, and she followed me around the store explaining the benefits of some creme on the wall. From her description, I went "Oh.. BB cream?" Then, she picked up a rather expensive moisturizer and pumped it on my hand, starting to explain: "This is our new snail creme. It helps regenerate your skin... (continues in Chinese that I cannot even follow)". I go, "Ahh.." and rub it into my skin. I keep looking around and then she says something I don't catch in Chinese. She reiterates, "That redness in your face, is it your skin or did you smear something on it?"


I only brought one blush to Asia with me, one of those NYC blush sticks. I said, "I 'smeared' it on." then I went back around to the nail polish, picked up the two I was interested and said "I think I'm just going to buy these."

I kind of feel like if I had said "Do you speak English?" instead of saying "Ok" to Chinese, she wouldn't have been so snotty to me.

That night, I looked up swatches of the Tony Moly polishes and realized there was one I still wanted to get. So, the next day, in a different area, I saw another Tony Moly store and I went in, hoping my first experience was just a one-off. The store was pretty busy so no one bothered me (other than to give me a basket) while I looked around. Nothing really interested me, so I just got the one polish and went out to meet DBF (who had started waiting outside every time I went into a cosmetics shop). He said, "You will not believe what just happened. A girl with really bad skin walked by and the Tony Moly girl at the door said something to her, then she looked really angry and stormed off!!"


I hope you enjoy these polishes that came at the expense of me being insulted (LOL, and 5000 Won a piece, just under $5 USD each):

Tony Moly GT03 (Mars) - This is actually not my favourite, but it looked so cool in the bottle. 2 coats, with topcoat.

Tony Moly GT04 (Neptune) - I think this is my favourite. It is so complex! I wore it while in Korea but didn't have any topcoat with me... this turned out to be a mistake, because these polishes dry extremely gritty and dull without topcoat! 2 coats, with topcoat.

Tony Moly GT05 (Jupiter) - I like this one a lot too, but not as much as the green one. 2 coats, with topcoat.

The other two (Earth and Mercury, I think) didn't appeal to me, so I didn't buy them. I think I watched too much Sailor Moon when I was a kid, because I think GT04/Neptune should be Jupiter, and GT05/Jupiter should be Saturn! LOL. Ah colour associations.

So what do you guys think, worth the verbal abuse? LOL. If you are in the US, I believe you can find these on Ebay for about $10 (and without a snobby attitude).


  1. I'm glad to see what you've bought in Korea! I love this green glitter!

  2. I only have Jupiter, and I love it, but I really think I need Neptune too.

    Interesting to ponder if she would have acted differently if you had been speaking English... though maybe rude knows no language barriers? LOL

    I would have died if someone would have asked me that about my face. >.< And by died, I really mean I'd been ready to cut a bitch.

  3. Ugh I hate that in stores. I went to Ulta once for something, not even for me. I was looking for something for my mom. The SA came up to me and was like "I can find you something for the dryness around your nose".
    I was like BITCH PLEASE. I kinda started at her and said I was looking for my mom.

  4. What an awful sales person. I used to work retail but if I ever behaved like that my supervisor probably would have smacked me. The polishes are soooooo pretty! They are definitely on the wishlist.

  5. Ah... the old perils of Saturday School. *bitter*

    Your whole story had my laughing Cilucia... ahahaaaa! I think it was worth it in the end. Those glitters look ahhmazing on you!

  6. I have the whole Galaxy Collection, and I love Earth the most. Well, bec it's blue. a complex blue LOL. But Mars really surprised me. It's not something I would normally wear, but I ended up loving it on the nail! I love the blue glitter they mixed in that! When I first saw swatches, I liked the Jupiter the most. It's really pretty, but it just didn't work for me. 

    Re SA: the attitude is totally uncalled for. annoying!

  7. Terrible service! I hate it when a SA follows me around (it's so
    pressurizing) and tries to sell me stuff by pointing my skin flaws -.-" Why do they think insulting the customer gets them sales? And I agree about the names! Jupiter is my favorite  Sailor Senshi, and if the polish was green, I would have bought it even though I'm not a fan of glitter! But the colors are all wrong, LOL! The orange should be named Venus instead!

  8. Your story made me laugh because I can totally relate. Something actually happen to me over the weekend - so similar to this. I was polish shopping and couldn't find what I wanted. When I started to leave the store the SA asked me if I needed some skin products to tone and smooth! I was so offended! I guess my $40.00 primer isn't doing the trick lol
    Apart from that, I really love all of these polishes. Besides Neptune, Mars might just be my favorite and I'm not even a fan of brown  :)

  9. I hate that... this happens to me often in HK. Once, this girl gave me a flyer and said "your face is very round. you know, we can fix that with botox". gee thanks... and in Chinese, the word for round was "bun", like bun-faced. 

    I also get approached by salesgirls with an analysis of my skin, like "ahh, you must have problems with your t-zone. you should try THIS" or "your skin isn't too bad, just have a few pimples. THIS will help clear it away." And then I just pretend I don't know chinese. 

  10. Neptune is gorgeous.

  11. Those are some gorgeous glitters! Gosh now you're going to have me scouring ebay!

  12. OMG!! I do believe I  neeeeed these!! I have no access to them at all. If someone here would like to swap, please email me!!! ♥♥♥

  13. First of all,, I have to say that YOU take and display the BEST pictures of your nails!!! I follow 13 other bloggers and your pictures are my favorite!!

    Secondly, IMO all 3 colors look great on you and go great with your skin tone!

    Third, though no one should get snobby attitudes when going into a retail store, I have to say that I'm not totally shocked that that is how you were treated. Yes, it's unfortunate BUT even here in the U.S. attitude runs a little to freely at certain stores.

  14. Omg, I just fell in love with Jupiter ! And Neptune comes right after, they are so stunning <3