Thursday, September 1, 2011

Illamasqua Fern

*staggers in* These last two weeks have been super busy for me! Trying to get as much work as possible done before we leave for our vacation this weekend, and we had to attend a wedding in Nevada last weekend!

First, I'll show you a polish, then I will bore you with details of the wedding trip.

Illamasqua Fern - 2 coats. I ordered this from the 5GBP Illamasqua sale. I love this much more than expected! I think it's what I wished Essie Coat Azure would be - they are completely different though. Sorry I did not do any comparisons yet :( Any suggestions? I don't have a lot of blues like this!

Here's a pic With a snack I had a couple weekends ago. Mmmm.

Ok, boring details from my weekend: flying out of EWR was a huge hassle, since "Hurricane" Irene was about to blow through the tri-state area. As far as I can tell, there was no immediate damage from the storm, but now a lot of NJ is flooded! Thankfully, my area is okay, but I know a lot of people at work who are not so lucky. Anyway, our flight out of EWR was delayed for around 2 hours, causing us to miss our connection. We got to our hotel 7 hours later than initially planned, and had to drive through a mountain pass area in the dark. Yay! Our flight back was also delayed, since there were 150 people on standby to get back to NYC. Insane.

My huge annoyance of the trip was that prior to returning our rental car to the airport, we filled up the tank, but it turns out there were still 2 gallons unfilled when we pulled into the return area. The gas nozzle definitely 'clicked' though, so I don't know what happened. We should have double checked before returning the car (we filled up at the airport gas station, about 10 seconds from the return area), but we were both really tired and forgot. Hertz charged us about $10 per GALLON as a fuel surcharge! Can you believe it?! Man, I was livid. Has this ever happened to you?

Anyways, we had a couple hours before the wedding to walk around the area. Here's a little lake we went to (near Lake Tahoe, but not actually Lake Tahoe).

The wedding was for our friend from college (actually, DBF's classmate) who we lived with for a semester. He is the most easy going guy I know! I found a stray cat in our neighbourhood that semester we lived together, and he offered to drive me to the local vet to see if it was microchipped, and then later drove me to the Humane Society about 40 minutes away! He met his wife after we graduated, so it was the first time I met her... she seems very nice :) DBF and I were disappointed in his other friends from college... we were the only two (other than the groom's 2 friends from school who were in the wedding party) that flew out for his wedding! And he invited around 20 people from our college... I mean, what the heck?? I hope people come to my wedding :/!!

This is my NOTWedding: Illamasqua Raindrops

Ok, we fly out on Saturday! Supposedly, there is some kind of storm going over Japan right now... which is kind of bad timing... but hopefully it will have passed by the time we land. We're going to Tokyo, Kyoto, Miyajima Island (near Hiroshima), Nikko (outside of Tokyo), then Seoul. Hopefully I can post a bit while I'm gone! They will be haul posts, though, since I am actually going NAKED ON MY TIPS!!! :D

Hope you guys have a great long weekend (Labour Day)!


  1. Love this color! Have fun on your trip

  2. If Hertz gave you a hard time over the gas gauge, then take it up with your credit card company. What Hertz did wasn't right. 

  3. Force is amazeballs. *resists hauling Illas*

    Also, rental car companies are all spawns of Satan. True story.

  4. Wow, I love Force. It is so pretty! Also, your fingers are so long and elegant :)

  5. Woops, I just realized I wrote Force instead of Fern!!

    thank you, Aly :)

  6. I have Fern too and I can't say I know of anything like it.  It looks divine on you, omg the snack pic  - it just glows!  <3  Raindrops is a perfect wedding mani.  I love the beautiful lake photos!  Now I feel like I need some nature.  :D

  7. lovely blue and grey!!!! I have to buy raindrops!!!
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