Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Belated Lynnderella spam

Since Lynnderella is about to release a new collection, as well as offering her prior collections for purchase, I thought I would dump some Lynn spam on you guys! You can also purchase Lynn's creations from Llarowe, but they are not in stock right now. Keep an eye out, since they sell out super fast!

In the pics below, I used 2-3 coats of Lynn's glitters over a base coat, and then 2-3 coats of topcoat (Barielle ME and SV, usually). I wasn't totally happy with the base colours I chose for these polishes, but I figured I would show them anyways!

Also, sorry for the strange nail shapes in these; I was going through a rounded-nail phase. I now realize the error in my ways XD

Lynnderella Bibbitty Bobbitty Boo Blue over Illamasqua Phallic

Lynnderella Mercurial over Misa Office Polish-tics and CND Gold Sparkle - This is a really cool polish, but I'm not super fond of this gunmetal-ish shade on my skintone.

Lynnderella Love Potion 99 over Illamasqua Baptiste - There are little holographic glitters in this polish that don't show up well in my pics! Really pretty in real life!

Lynnderella Ruby Red Ruby over Illamasqua Throb - This is probably my favourite Lynnderella... boring, I know! These aren't good pics at all... I had a hard time capturing it properly! This is what Deborah Lippmann's "Jessica Rabbit" should have been. So gorgeous. You cannot go wrong with this one! I get sooo many compliments when I wear it.

My preferred base colour for RRR is OPI Smitten with Mittens. I don't have a proper pictures, so here's a shoddy NOTD pic I took around Christmas with my P&S camera:

I know how difficult it is to get a hold of Lynn's creations, but she's trying her best to churn out these little bottles of magic for us! Just try and be patient, it's well worth the wait! :)


  1. These are gorgeous!! :D  I LOVE the combination of these and the base colours you chose! :D  I also like your nail shape!
    Lynn is quite an inspiration for frankening!  If only I could find out where she gets her glitter that doesn't run in the base of the polish she makes.

  2. I NEED Mecurial!  Everytime I see swatches I swoon all over again!