Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NOTD: Speciallita HITS Apolo

I broke down and made a Hits (or is it Speciallita?) order from Llarowe before I left for Christmas, and came back to a super sexy package including this guy!

Just a quick NOTD pic. My cuticles are looking ragged from being in Canada for just four days (*eats Coffee Crisp*). I'll take better swatch pictures of this and the others I ordered when my cutes are back to normal!

Speciallita Hits Apolo over CND Midnight Sapphire (1 coat each)


  1. These polishes are amazing! I need to get some! LOVE this blue!

  2. Gorgeous!!!  I just ordered this one :)

  3. This looks great layered! I didn't even think of layering it, but since the bottles are small it's a good idea to save polish and money. I can't wait to see which others you picked out. Your cuticles look good to me lol  ;)

  4. I'm like O.O over here. Gorgeous!

  5. Very pretty, but these Hits polishes contain formaldehyde and toluene, I'm scared to use them :(