Wednesday, October 6, 2010

OPI Shrek Forever After and Hong Kong Collections

I recently went through my entire stash and swatched all of my polish, so that's why all the spam lately :)

Here are the polishes I picked up from the Shrek and HK collections earlier this year:

Shrek Forever After

Fiercely Fiona - I thought I wouldn't like this on my nails, but I actually do! Imagine that.

Funky Dunkey - Actually, I keep forgetting if it's Funkey Dunkey or Funky Dunkey

Rumple's Wiggin' - After seeing the movie on my recent flight across the pond, I would have to say that Rumplestiltskin really was wigging out in the beginning of the movie.

What's with the Cattitude - Puss's part in the movie was really subdued :( He was super cute as a fat (I mean, "fancy") kitty though...

Hong Kong Collection

Jade is the New Black - I really like this shade, but I'm wondering why I haven't worn it in a while...

Lucky Lucky Lavender - I was really excited to get this colour, but once I had it on, I felt it clashed with my skin tone a bit :(

Pearl of Wisdom over Essie St Lucia Lilac - I don't like wearing this polish on its own, but I love it over light purples!

Macro of PoW over Essie St LL

Suzi Says Feng Shui - like JitNB, I'm wondering why I don't wear this more often!