Tuesday, October 5, 2010

AA Butter, California Trooper, Office

I decided to do real swatches of my American Apparel polishes:

AA Butter - I prefer this over ChG Lemon Fizz, but still think it's rather stark to wear to work.

AA California Trooper - I had lemmed pretty hard for this polish, and after getting it, I hated to admit that it wasn't quite right for my skin tone :( I'll give it another try in the winter months when I'm paler, but I may have to put this in my swap/gift pile!

AA Office - I wasn't going to pick this up initially because of the reports on its poor application, but once I was at the store and saw the price was 3 for $15 or $6 each, I just HAD to buy a third polish. This stood out most to me, as I was going through a mint green phase at the time, and I'm so glad I got it. I think I can pull it off at work because it's just ever so dusty :)

I'd like to get more of these polishes, but
a) I truly resent going into that store, and
b) I am almost just waiting for them to declare bankruptcy and just sweep in and buy all the polish on sale. Does that make me a bad person? O_o

1 comment:

  1. LOL at the last line! Office reminds me of that Robin's egg blue that kitchen appliances used to come in. It's pretty - I like it the best out of the 3 here.