Saturday, May 10, 2014

OPI You're Such a Budapest (gel color)

Got my first professional manicure today :O!!

My wedding is next Saturday, and I figured it would just be easier to get a gel manicure now and not have to worry about painting my nails the night before (plus, now I don't have to bring all my manicure stuff with me to Napa!)

The colour selection was kind of dinky, but I settled on OPI You're Such a Budapest, even though it was on the nail wheel labeled "Gelish" (*side eye*). It's a hair more purple than Essence Forget Me Not:

Originally, I wanted to wear Essie Cocktail Bling, but this will do.

The right hand nails turned out well, but the left hand index finger has a big ol' bubble :/ The left hand pinky has two little bubbles too... oh well, it was quite humid today, so I'll give the nail tech the benefit of the doubt.

FYI, I'm holding a needle felted narwhal, since I don't have the bottle.

Here's the narwhal in all its glory (a wedding favour! I'll post all of them when I get back)


  1. This colour is so nice! I actually think it suits you better than Cocktail Bling.
    Have a beautiful wedding!

  2. Looks lovely! Can't wait to hear all about your wedding!! <3

  3. First off, that narwhal is so freaking cute!! Second, congrats! And good luck!! And third, this is a great choice for a wedding, especially for a nail girl. Something fun besides a boring ol' french.

  4. Congratulations! Have a wonderful wedding day!