Saturday, January 18, 2014

Needlessly expensive lipstick haul (Guerlain and YSL)

Under the guise of needing a new lipstick colour for my wedding in May, I went to the mall today to swatch some Guerlain Rouge Automatiques ($35 for 3.5g), Rouge G de Guerlain ($50!!!!!!!! for 3.5g), and YSL Rouge Volupte Shine ($34 for 4.5g). These are my first high-end lipsticks (though I do have quite a few YSL Glossy Stains).

You know you have a growing addiction when you are all like "Phhshhhhh I'll never pay $x for 'y' " and then, 6 months later you totally do. Well... *sideways glance*. I have no excuses.

Here are the lipsticks I came away with: Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain in 76 Gracy, Rouge Automatique in 164 Chamade, and YSL Rouge Volupte in 4 Rouge in Danger

The packaging is all super-luxe in an over the top way. My favourite is probably the Rouge Automatique because of the sliding action (*zoop, zoop*). The Rouge G packaging is just bonkers. Where bonkers = excessive in every possible dimension.

Ummm why do they all swatch the same?! WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME. On the lips they do look different, though. I promise *sideways glancing again*

The scent of the Guerlain are not appealing to me. They smell like old school lipstick to me. The YSL smells very fruity, which I think I like better, although I prefer all my lippies to be scent free, TBH.

I just got them, but my first impressions are:
  • The two Guerlain lipsticks I got are very similar on the lips, but the Rouge G is more creamy and opaque than the RA. It's also more warm and pink on my lips.
  • Both the Guerlain lipsticks feel very smooth. I can definitely feel a difference compared to drugstore lipsticks (though I wouldn't necessary value the difference at $20-40 worth!)
  • The YSL RV Shine feels very slippery on and is more translucent than the Guerlain lipsticks (but not really less pigmented, if that makes any sense)

In terms of deciding if any of these 3 will perform wedding duty, I will be determining that over the next couple of weeks. And possible 'need' to buy some more lipsticks.

Ok, how about some more pictures?

Slight problem with the Rouge G storage situation:


Also, for fun, I wondered JUST how heavy the Rouge G packaging was compared to the other two:

86 grams?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

Anyhoo! Do you own any lipsticks from these 3 lines? What are your thoughts on them? Fave colours?


  1. Oh I LOVE that YSL! I do not need more lippie lemmings!! I only have the glossy stains from YSL and nothing from Guerlain.

  2. I just got the exact same shade of Guerlain Rouge G for Christmas! It's such a gorgeous pink- exorbitant price but so moisturising and smooth :) How hydrating would you say the Rouge Automatique is?

  3. Those Rouge G's! Exasperating in every way. They don't really fit in MUJI drawers either. Too bad the formula is so so so so noice.

  4. Ahh, they fit in the 2-drawer units, but it looks dumb.

  5. \o/ The RA feels very hydrating to me, but I'm not exactly an expert on lipstick formulas!

  6. All I can think about are lipsticks now, LOL