Friday, March 8, 2013

Indie: Happy Hands Faint of Heart Collection swatches

Disclaimer: The following polishes were provided to me for swatching and review purposes.

Here's another indie spring collection that I have had swatched for a while now, but am only now getting to post them. Since I'm rather late on these posts, if there's on that catches your eye, I recommend you grab it sooner rather than later!

Purchase info:
Happy Hands @ BigCartel
Happy Hands @ Etsy
Happy Hands @ Harlow and Co

First, some bottle pics:

For You, My Love (2 coats): easy formula, loaded with pink shimmer

The Worst Is Over (2 coats): very lovely formula, glitter is very dense, so you'll definitely want to topcoat this one. Such a pretty combination of colours; I especially love the base colour.

Metal Heart (2 coats): Bright, but deep, pink jelly. It photographed lighter than it looks IRL. The formula is very nice, but be careful not to apply your coats too quickly, as the larger glitters might drag through your prior coat! The black glitter is so surprising and awesome; I feel like this a Rockstar Barbie polish.

Metal Heart (2 coats) over Zoya Blaze (1 coat): If you couldn't tell, this is a jawdropping combo XD

Am I Not Yours? (3 coats): At 2 coats, this polish looks nice with some VNL, and at 3 coats, it seemed a little thick on the nail, so I would rather layer this over something else. It leans very green on my skintone. The glitter is very dense and super shiny/light catching.

Am I Not Yours? (2 coats) over Essie Go Overboard (1 coat): I wish I had a dark teal jelly, but this is a pretty nice combo too :)

What do you think? Metal Heart is my favourite of the collection. It's just so fun!


So, being busy aside, I wanted to tell you that the maintenance guy in my apartment building has started commenting on my nails almost everytime I see him. I guess coming into my apartment to replace lightbulbs, check the water heater, etc. he has noticed that I always have bottles of nail polish lying around (everywhere!!!). Guys, I won't lie. I was mortified the first time he said something. I am not ashamed of loving nail polish, but I don't like people pointing it out to me every time I see them!! Now I am hyper-aware of where he is in the building at any given moment. LOL.

Anyways, I hope you guys have a great weekend! I have a lot of household chores to catch up on!


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  2. Goodness your swatches are always so amazing! You make me want polishes I didn't even know I liked!

  3. I don't know what's up with that particular guy but i guess that generally guys think that our obsession with makeup and nail polish is girly. In my experience their reaction is usually like "why in the world do you need an eye creme? are all of those bottles yours? do you really need to use all of this?really??" LOL. I don't feel like i'm too shallow or something. i feel like most guys think it's feminine and cute.

    But i try to keep only those polishes that i really like - just like you I guess:) It has nothing to do with somebody else's opinions though. Just personal preference.