Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A few Zoya swatches and comparisons (Evvie, Natty, Dree, Blaze)

I picked up 3 Zoyas from their last promo (3 for $10, shipped), and got another bottle in a swap. Here are the swatches and comparisons:

Zoya Evvie - 2 coats, excellent formula. A dusty green with a tiny bit of blue in it. This reminds me of Avon Olive Green (the RBL ONS dupe), but I purged that a while ago. I think the Avon was darker and more saturated, though.

Comparison: Zoya Evvie and Essie Power Clutch - The Zoya looks quite a bit bluer compared to the Essie. They don't look as close IRL as they do in this picture. If you are into greens like the Essie, I think it's worth having both :D

Zoya Natty - 2 coats, also excellent formula. A dusty cool blue. I love polishes that have a greyish quality to them!

Comparison: Zoya Natty and Orly Sapphire Silk (both 2 coats) - The Orly has quite a bit more green than the Zoya. On the nail, I think I like the Zoya better than the Orly (which is one of my favourite cremes!) They are different enough to own both, but I'm thinking of purging the Orly because I think I like the Zoya on my skintone better.

Comparison: Zoya Natty and Misa Office Polish-tics (both 2 coats) - The Misa is quite a bit more grey and almost purpler. This Misa is one of my favourite cremes too; it is very nice :D

Zoya Dree - 2 coats, a pretty-ugly greenish brown. This is actually more flattering than you might think!

Comparison: Zoya Dree (2 coats) and Illamasqua Hectic (3 coats) - Illa Hectic is one of my favourite cremes as well, and it is just a bit greener than the Zoya. They are not dupes, but they are very very similar. I like both of these more than RBL No More War, on my skintone.

Zoya Blaze - 2 coats. A pinky-red scattered holo. I don't even like scattered holos and this is gorgeous IRL. I'm glad I let someone talk me into getting it! The formula is excellent.


  1. great comparison! especially the one with natty and orly sapphire blue. Love both :)

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  3. I'm so sad I missed out on that promo!! I need to get Blaze. I have Aurora, and it is wonderful.