Saturday, December 29, 2012

Zoya Song and Frida

Sorry for disappearing over the holidays! I meant to put up a few posts over the last week while we were up in Canada, but time just got away from me. There was almost 3 feet of snow in Canada where I'm from, and I was happy about that... but also didn't bring any pants. I wear leggings and tights everywhere here in NJ, and that doesn't really cut it in Canada, lol. I needed thigh warmers, or something!

We got back last yesterday and the roads were super clear all the way down. It was a good thing we left a day earlier than planned, because it has been snowing and drizzling all day in NJ here! It would have been a slippery mess had we stayed another day.

Anyhoo, here are two Zoyas I picked up during a recent promo. I'm a bit on the fence about them, but I will figure out whether I want to keep them later. Much later.

Zoya Song (1 coat) - Amazing 1 coater. It looks darker IRL. I noticed it doesn't dry smoothly, even with a coat of SV. It must be all the pigment in it? I mean, it does not dry bumpy, but it's definitely not a glass-like finish with 1 coat of topcoat, so that is something to consider.

Comparison: Zoya Song (1 coat) MAC Ming Blue (2 coats) - The MAC is a little dustier and more neutral, and has blue and purple (or pink? it's hard to tell) shimmer, whereas the Zoya just has a blue/aqua shimmer throughout.

Zoya Frida (4 coats) - A lot sheerer than I even expected for a jelly. The flash I use totally washes it out - the second pic shows without flash and is more representative of how opaque it is at 4 coats IRL.

I leave you with a picture of a cherry cheesecake I made for DF's family (which I do every year):

Happy New Years, everyone! :)


  1. Thanks for finally talking about > "Zoya Song and Frida" < Loved it!
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  2. Thigh warmers are the next big fashion trend, I can just feel it. Girls everywhere will wear their Uggs with tights and giant furry muffs at the top of their legs. You're a genius hahaha! XD

    I have Frieda but haven't tried it yet, will have to do some sort of jelly sandwich soon! Do you have a recommendation as to what might be good undies for it?