Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Indie: Oopsie Daisies mini spam

Disclosure: The following polishes were provided to me for swatching purposes.

I know Hotpinkaurora from a nail board forum, and she asked if I would swatch a couple of her polishes, Oopsie Daisies, for her. Absotootly, I said!

Her Etsy store is here.

Of these four, Cosmic Ruins is my favourite. The formula on all were very smooth and fluid. Not really glitter bomb consistency, so I used 2 layers of each over the base colours.

Group shot

Apple Picking and Mischief Night are her Halloween Harvest Duo:

Apple Picking over ChG Ingrid

Apple Picking over Illamasqua Hectic - I can't tell if I like this combo or love it! hahaha. Karianne did this same combo on her blog, you HAVE to see her swatch: Neglelakkmani.

Mischief Night over black jelly

Mischief Night over Zoya Valerie - just 1 coat over the Zoya :D

Cosmic Ruins is part of her Planetside 2 collection

Cosmic Ruins over black jelly - LOVE the fine shimmer in this one!!

And Pink of Me is a one-off shade :)

Pink of Me - 3 coats on its own, love the shimmer in this one too. It's a highlighter pink!


It's gotten nice and cold here, and it even started snowing today! I guess you can take the girl out of Canada...

Have a good one!