Thursday, October 18, 2012

Indie: Starlight Polish Senshi Topcoats

Disclosure: The polishes in the following post were provided to me for review purposes.

Hey guys!

Issa from Starlight Polish asked me to review some of her polishes, and then sent me a HUUUGE box O_O I'll be splitting it up into two or more posts, because there were just that many polishes in it.

This first post will show swatches for the Senshi Topcoats. They are similar to CND Effect topcoats, but seem to have some smaller shimmers in them. I have shown these topcoats layered over a coloured base colour (corresponding with each of the senshi, because I am dorky like that) and over black. The formula on all of these was easy to use. I used only 1 coat of each topcoat, so you can definitely build up the intensity of the shimmer with another coat, if you like!

Starlight Polish is available on Etsy.

I was a huge, huge, HUGE Sailor Moon fan when I was a kid, so I am going to ramble at LENGTH about it in this post. You have been warned! :) (i.e., if you do not care about Sailormoon, you are free to just look at the pictures :D).

FIRST UP: Have you heard they are REMAKING SAILOR MOON?!?!?! HOMG!!! It's supposedly being aired early 2013 and it will be more faithful to the manga.

I remember the first time I saw Sailor Moon on YTV when I was in grade 4 or 5; I literally ran to my mom's room to tell her about it. I was so god damn excited. I became so obsessed for years! I remember only 2 seasons had been dubbed initially, so after season R finished, they started back with the first episode, and I was devastated. I think it was a couple more years until the remaining seasons (probably just 1 or 2 more?) were dubbed, but at that time, I had moved onto other animes. I think I had read every episode summary available (through my lightening speed 56k dialup connection -- oh good times!) though, so at some point in my obsession, I did actually know everything that happened. But if you were to ask me now, I couldn't tell you what the heck was going on with Sailor Starlights. It doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that I think I still have all my Sailor Moon sticker cards somewhere in my parents' basement.

Sailor Moon was never my favourite, because I had a hard time identifying with her personality. Ok, mostly I was just being difficult and insisted that it made no sense for the Moon, OF EARTH, to be the leader of all the senshi. I mean, that's just crazy? Where are Jupiter's 67 moon-senshi? HUH?

Starlight Silver Moon Crystal over CND Midnight Sapphire

Starlight Silver Moon Crystal over black

For some reason, the first time I watched the episode where Sailor Mercury was introduced, I thought her power would also be a tiara throw. I thought, "Why does Sailor Moon's tiara come off as a weapon, but everyone else's is fixed?" Clearly my 10 year old brain was not capable of imagination. I did like how brainy she was, though. I considered myself a bookworm. I just thought her hair colour was cray-cray.

Starlight Aqua Rhapsody over Zoya Robyn

Starlight Aqua Rhapsody over black

Sailor Mars is DBF's favourite senshi. He never watched the anime, but he did watch the live-action version with me a few years ago. I think he just liked the actress that played Sailor Mars, to be honest. (BTW, that Live Action was horrible, but still hilarious to watch because of how awful the acting is.)

Starlight Flame Sniper over Essie Limited Addiction

Starlight Flame Sniper over black

I liked Jupiter right from the get-go because she was tall, slender, kicked ass, and was good at cooking! Although, I think her height was 5'6", which really isn't that tall...!

Starlight Oak Evolution over Illamasqua Rampage

Starlight Oak Evolution over black

Sailor Venus was not that interesting to me. She just seemed too similar to Sailor Moon to me. That's all I have to say about her.

Starlight Love and Beauty Shock over Essie Vermillionaire

Starlight Love and Beauty Shock over black

Sailor Saturn was my favourite senshi, but looking back now, I couldn't tell you why. I made my mom make a Sailor Saturn Halloween costume for me one year, and every house I went to asked, "Ohh are you Sailor Moon?" and I had to retort "No, OBVIOUSLY, I AM SAILOR SATURN". That costume was so good! I seriously hounded my mother on every detail of the costume. I'll try and see if I have a picture of me in it, or the costume itself (assuming mother has not sold it for $5 at a yard sale), so I can show you guys later! :D

Also, her move in the Sailor Moon RPG (Another Story) was pretty much overpowered and awesome. Did anyone play that game? I played it at least 3 times on my SNES emulator. I loved the part where Jupiter goes to Canada for her quest, and Canada is all just forests and lumberjacks. Loved it. I also loved the puzzle games (the ones with the blocks was intoxicating, and the ones with the balloons was also fun), but didn't like the Mortal Kombat-style ones.

Starlight Silence Glaive over Essie No More Film

Starlight Silence Glaive over black

Ok one more story, but I can't relate it to any of these polishes, but since I'm on a roll, I'll tell you anyway. I LIVED for Sailor Moon fan-fiction. I had a stand-out favourite, and I read it twice. I only remember the main plot device: Sailor Moon had a twin brother named Travis or Trevor or something. And that there were some trials that everyone had to go through. Anyways, I remember the story being awesome, way better than any other fan-fiction out there, and that it made me cry multiple times. Ok, I don't think anyone knows what I'm talking about now, so I'll stop. Seriously, I could go on for 10 more pages about Sailor Moon... but I won't.

*remembers this is a nail polish blog post* Right!~ Those are the topcoats! What do you think? Silence Glaive is hands down my favourite. Sailor Saturn WINS AGAIN!


  1. I love this! I think Oak evolution is my favorite! <3

  2. Indie polishes based on Sailor Moon?! *dies* I am currently re-reading all the manga as they are re-released and I can't wait for the new anime! Sailor Pluto is my favorite, but from these polishes I love Silence Glaive and Oak Evolution! Flame Sniper is awesome too.

  3. How dare you diss Venus! She's my girl. A friend and I loved the live-action show, and we especially liked how cute Mamoru was.

    I'm going to agree that Saturn's is the best. The combo with that indigo is very pretty.

  4. Hahah sorry! I actually can't remember the actor that played Mamoru! I do remember thinking he looked especially dorky in his Tuxedo Mask outfit... Now I want to watch the live action series again haha

  5. I like that one a lot too! Prob my 2nd favourite.

  6. Oooooh there are some true beauties in there!

  7. I love how you swatches the polishes over the representative Senshi
    colors ('cept for Moon Crystal)! I love Sailor Moon to bits too! My
    favorite Senshi is Jupiter, I love her mixture of girlishness and
    toughness. I didn't watch the anime much though it was repeat on TV all
    the time (where I live). I did read the manga (my brother has the full
    series, yes, my brother) and I DIDN't KNOW THERE'S GOING TO BE A REMAKE!
    I love love love reading Sailor Moon fan fiction too! My
    favorites are the ones which pair the Inner Senshi with Mamoru's
    Generals (ahem, after they have turned over a new leaf). I had a fav
    author who was writing a series but didn't complete it :( I hated the
    fact that the anime made two of the Generals gay! They don't look gay