Thursday, May 31, 2012

Misa Got it Made in the Shade and Catch a Flick

Here are a couple Misa polishes I got recently. I really like Misa in general, though I wish I could see them in person (my friend got these for me from Transdesign).

Misa Got it Made in the Shade - 2 coats. I bought this because I read somewhere it was a dupe for Essie Da Bush / OPI Stranger Tides but slightly more opaque. It still felt very thin and sheer going on, but not nearly as thin as the OPI.

Comparison: Misa Got it Made in the Shade and Essie Da Bush - 2 coats of each, I think the Misa is a tiny bit more opaque, but it doesn't really make a difference. Both names are kind of dinky, though. I purged OPI Stranger Tides a long time ago, but I think this Misa is closer to the OPI than the Essie (which is a little bluer, on me, although they look identical in this picture LOL). I think I will be purging the Essie :O!

Misa Catch a Flick - 2 coats. I got this one because I read it was a dupe for OPI Mermaid's Tears, which I loved, but I can rarely stand OPI bottles and prowide brushes these days. I'll only keep an OPI if it is "OMG UNBELIEVABLE UNIQUE AND AWESOME", so I'm trying to dupe all the cremes I like and stop buying their seasonal collections. The formula on this one is really nice, I think I will keep it!

Comparison: Misa Catch a Flick and Zoya Bevin - 2 coats each. Since my purging cycle is greatly accelerated these days, I already sold my bottle of OPI Mermaid's Tears on my blogsale earlier this month LOL. I had purchased Zoya Bevin hoping to get rid of the OPI, and just decided to purge the OPI and live with the difference from the Zoya. However, when I look at this comparison and the one I did for OPI vs Zoya, I think the Misa really is super close to the OPI. Anyways, now I need to decide if I want to keep or purge Bevin.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I have not been buying much nail polish at all. I'm not finding many of the seasonal collections very interesting; is anyone else feeling the same way?


  1. Love both shades! And as the proud new owner of your Mermaid's Tears, I can say they look very similar ;)

  2. Both Misas look great! I wish that brand was more readily available around me.

  3. These look great!  Are these older Misa shades or from recent collections?  Zoya Bevin is so pretty, and diff enough from Misa Catch A Flick.  I'd have to keep both, esp if the Misa formula is great.  Got It Made in the Shade is very flattering on you, I have ST in my purge pile, and it is just one of those colors that I don't like on me.  My skintone is too cool unfortunately.  Good luck with the decisions - great pics!

  4. I had Stranger Tides and Got it Made in the Shade and they are dupes!  I also got rid of my OPI since it was a lot runnier than the Misa.  :)
    They sell Misa in Trade Secrets now, but I guess the trip home is too far!

  5. Both of these Misa polishes are really pretty.
    I couldn't agree more about the polish collections that are coming out lately. Nothing 'wows' me and I literally have nothing to look forward to buying, which is good for my wallet but disappointing at the same time.

  6. You wear these shades so well. I think you should keep Bevin; it is different enough from the others and really flatters your skin tone imo.

    If you're ever in the Chicagoland area, H2T has an impressive display of Misa. It is so fun to look at them all lined up, waiting to come home with me. :)

  7. Ooh, Got It Made In the Shade is very nice! I haven't decided whether I'm purging Da Bush yet ... but if I do, at least I know of a good replacement. ;) Thanks for sharing!

    And yeah, I'm not feeling a lot of the new collections. I've been finding myself wearing a lot of stuff from previous years lately.

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