Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Orly Fowl Play

I'm still in denial that the long weekend is over, LOL. I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving (or non-holiday weekend).

I had Thanksgiving dinner with a friend from college, and one of her other guests had a baby girl (14 months). While I was playing with the baby, my heart fluttered when she grabbed my nails and looked at them!!! I was wearing Lynnderella Very Pretty Vampire over Zoya Valerie that day, so baby-girl has good taste! Haha, I feel like such a dork :3

Today I'm wearing Orly Fowl Play, which my friend had sweetly RAOKd to me before I went on vacation in September. I had spent two or three weekends trying to find it before I gave up and had to start packing, LOL. I took the swatch pictures as soon as I got it, but just this weekend decided to wear it as a full mani (I consider it a full mani if I wear it out of the house, LOL).

I really like it! The formula was not troublesome to me, and it built up in 3 coats without any streakiness. IRL, it looks a bit darker and more subdued, but I love it all the same. I think it looks great when I catch a glimpse of it in the mirror ^^

Orly Fowl Play - 3 coats by itself. I really like the blue flecks; they aren't as apparent in real life, but you do see glints of blue-violet in bright lighting.

Of course, this is the anticipated OPI Merry Midnight dupe. As far as I know, it is super close to the OPI, but the base colour is a tiny bit different. There are many comparisons to OPI MM out there, but since I don't own the OPI, I can't join in the fun :) I do own Nfu Oh 51, and since it's a flakey in purple base, it seemed to make sense to throw in this comparison:

Comparison: Orly Fowl Play and Nfu Oh 51 over Zoya Pinta - I think I prefer the Orly! I was unable to build up the Nfu Oh by itself, so I quit trying ^^;

And now some off-topic blabbery you are free to skip:

We picked up our Christmas tree from Home Depot on the long weekend, but haven't had time to fully decorate yet! We chose a 7-8ft Frasier Fir. Here is "Piney" (II) with lights and a couple ornaments so far:

I loooove the holiday season. DBF and I had our first Xmas tree together last year, and it was so wonderful how it transformed our dull apartment into a home. We were sad to see Piney (I) go last year... we threw him on the curb after the New Year, and then he was prompty buried in two feet of snow. imo, NJ doesn't handle snowstorms very well, so the tree collection was put off for a couple weeks. Everyday I drove passed the pile of trees my heart sunk a little, LOL. Poor Piney!

Anyway, have you guys started celebrating the holiday season yet?


  1. what a beautiful color...

  2. I love Fowl Play so much...I don't care if it's a dupe, or a near dupe, or whatever, to anything.  I like the blue sparks that hide out under the purple jelly.  My son keeps asking me when we're going to put up a tree - I'm so not ready for the holidays.

  3. After seeing your swatches, I really need to wear Fowl Play on its own.  I've worn it layered over OPI Russian Navy and Revlon Plum, but I think it is time to try it solo. 

  4. Such a beautiful polish. I had a few OPI Merry Midnight's from a few years ago, and I gifted most of them to friends. I was very happy to see  Foul Play's when it came out, so I  made sure I bought a few. Until seeing your macro shots, I didn't realize there were little blue hex glitters in it.

  5. I've been admiring this one for awhile.  Wasn't too sure I wanted to get it until I happened upon the last one at Ulta today.  LOVE IT!!! It's absolutely gorgeous and perfect for holiday. I usually don't do glitters but I love the flakie.  Thanks!!