Friday, August 19, 2011

Illamasqua Raindrops

Hi hi, guys!

About two and a half weeks ago, I pounced on the Illamasqua UK site's sale... because they had Raindrops for 5 GBP! I placed an order for 6 bottles of polish (they had a couple other colours on the 5GBP sale) and it came to about $63 USD, shipped. Shipping was 8.50 GBP (that seems to be the minimum for 1 bottle; I ordered 6 to make it a better deal) and it arrived from the UK in about 2 weeks. Some girls on NB got them in just over a week!

They surprisingly still have Raindrops in stock! Here's the link to the 5GBP sale, if you're interested. They have other makeup ... stuff, but I am a dunce when it comes to makeup, so I can't help you there.

I had always admired this shade, but since it was a UK exclusive, I never really allowed myself to seriously lem after it. I actually almost purchased it last month when Illamasqua UK had a free international shipping code promo for orders over 40 GBP, but Raindrops was still full priced (13.50 GBP, about $20-22 USD depending on the exchange rate these days). That was way too pricey for me, so I reluctantly passed. When I got the 5 GBP sale notice, my heart skipped a beat and I checked the list of polishes and was floored to see Raindrops there. So I ordered. Yay! Patience paid off for once! :)

So long story short, I have this beautiful polish in my possession now! And I'm going to show you pictures of it... now.

Illamasqua Raindrops - 2 coats. I had read that this polish was notoriously sheer (nature of the beast, otherwise the glitter-flakes would not be visible on the nail), so I was pleasantly surprised to find that 2 coats on my little nubs seemed fine! I could have used a third coat on my thumb, but since my thumb is not pictured... you would not know that. Formula was a little thick, but not difficult to work with.

Here's a shoddy comparison with the two closest things I have in my stash. Totally worth having all three, bwahahahaha. I am a slave to light bluish greys.

Before I took it off, I wanted to see how DL Glitter in the Air would pair with it. Here's 2 coats of GitA over Illamasqua Raindrops:

Yay, I'm so happy! :D

Still planning our Japan/Korea trip, and of course, work is getting insanely busy these few weeks. Why is it always feast or famine in consulting? It is hard to keep a work-life balance, yo! So I will be working from home for part of the weekend... booooo.

Anyway, let me ask you, since I am out of the makeup loop these days, are there any Japanese or Korean "wonder" products I should keep an eye out for? Anything from face wash to mascara to lip gloss. Is there something I should keep my eyes peeled for?

Hope you guys have a better weekend than me... :')


  1. Raindrops is really pretty on you! And I love it with GitA :D!

  2. Sooo pretty!! I wonder how this compares to Orly Pixy Dust?

  3. I love Raindrops & Glitter in the Air together!

  4. I'm so looking forward to Raindrops. Ordered it with the Illa summer sale as well. As always, it looks gorgeous on you!

  5. Illamasqua has amazing polishes! All the swatches I've seen are so nice! Want to buy some polishes but I can't find them where I live and on ebay there were only a few.

  6. These polishes were meant to be together :)

  7. I can't help you with the makeup stuff- but this color is so pretty!

  8. Eep, I love it with GitA on top. And I don't want to lem GitA. At all. EVER. Bah.

  9. Oh no, not you too!!  *sigh* second time this week I've drooled over this polish!!  And could GITA get any better?!?  I seriously don't think so!!

  10. Raindrops is SO pretty. Check out Skinfood's pedicure sparkle polishes when you're in Korea. It's pretty much nail polish heaven there! Just wander around Myeongdong for Skinfood, Face Shop, Etude House, Nature Republic, etc. There are several of each store in the area, which is odd but fun!

    A question about your last post - do you know how Jana compares to Merino Cool?

  11. I did the exact same! I also waited with buying Raindrops and when it was on sale, I was jumping up and down :) Great Idea to layer Glitter in the air over it!!

  12. I like Raindrops on its own, but with the glitter is even better!

  13. If you haven't gone on that trip yet...
    foundation and base: try etude pore erasing peach base and BB magic pack. most BB creams work wonders actually. I'm currently using UGB's BB cream.
    as for mascara: majolica majorca lash expander or etude volume up. these two brands have great lines of eyeliner too.
    Kate and VOV have nice palettes for eye shadow

    Skin79 works well for me in terms of basic care (moisturizer, toner, wash) but I'm acne prone, so I'm using their AC line. 

  14. oh, one more thing... I dunno if you'd want to avoid skin food's nail polishes... it was on the news once for containing toxic chemicals