Monday, March 28, 2011

Essie French Affair and Coat Azure

I picked up two polishes from the new spring Essie collection: Coat Azure and French Affair. To be honest, I would have only picked up Coat Azure, but DBF somehow saw swatches of the others and begged me to get French Affair and Nice is Nice because they were such "cute" colours. I yieled on French Affair since I'm still looking for a good pink, but had to deny him Nice is Nice, since it looks soooo dupey and I am swimming in pale lavenders by now.

Essie Coat Azure - Like everyone says, the formula on this polish is great. 2 easy coats, great colour and finish.

Comparison: Essie Coat Azure vs. Zoya Jo - They have a very similar finish, but different base colour. I actually think I prefer the Zoya in this case, because it's more of a periwinkle. The finish is also similar to that Icing Laura's Fave I showed a while ago, but the base is also quite different.

Essie French Affair - I'm rather bearish on pale delicate pinks, but this one is alright. The formula requires 3 coats, not the easiest formula to work with, but not the worst. DBF insists it is the *perfect* pink, though. I showed him my swatch and a NBer's swatch, and he claimed that it looked way better on her nails than mine! You cannot win with this manchild!!

Comparison: Essie French Affair vs. OPI Mod About You - Here it is compared with another polish I purchased against my will in DBF's hunt for the perfect pink for me :p OPI Mod About You has a notoriously bad formula, but what can you do? You can see they are not that close at all. I think the Essie is definitely more wearable on my skintone than the OPI.

I was happy to find these salon bottles at a beauty supply in the city; I didn't want to give up the cute 'e' caps, dang it! They're $6 a piece at this store and so even after tax it's not so bad. I would have preferred to pick them up at Ulta, but it's been a long time since we went out there and I haven't seen a B2G1 free sale in a few weeks now. The retail versions are being sold at my local CVS, but for $8.79 a piece - are you serious?! Bahhh.

*sits in the corner pouting*


  1. In both cases I prefer Essie colors... Blue is gorgeous!

  2. Great blue comparison!

  3. LOL @ manchild! ;) My hubby couldn't care less what color I wear. sometimes I make him choose between a couple and he gets super-irked. :P He's no fun!!

    I am so jealous of you being able to pull of the pale pinks... there is NO way I could do that! I always think they are pretty, but it just wouldn't work for me. :(

    I have Coat Azure, but your macro shot of it makes we want to put it on over my lunch! I ended up wearing Strawberry Fields after you posted that the other day - I think I'll just be your mani twin from now on! ;)

  4. Coat Azure is wonderful and looks great on you. Thanks for comparing it with Jo - I think I like CA better, whew!

  5. They are both lovely :D

  6. Haha, you should try and convince him to let you paint his toe nails! He mind find an interest in your hobby after all that pampering ^_^

    I hardly ever wear those pale pinks :/ I think it looks a bit better in pics, but I'm not comfortable wearing them in real life! Maybe in the spring I'll get the courage to wear them out!

    Yay for giving Coat Azure some lovin! :)

  7. LOVE your pics. I found Coat Azure last weekend and can't wait to try it out!

  8. great swatches, thanks for the comparisons (: