Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OPI Black Shatter Spam!

Having just received OPI Black Shatter on Saturday, I basically applied it on top of EVERYTHING all weekend.

Zoya Charla, OPI BS, Essie MAY: I showed you this mani without matte topcoat a couple days ago. At the end of the day, I slapped on a coat of MAY to see how it would look.

Zoya Jo, OPI BS: I just showed you Jo by itself, and here it is with OPI BS.

Zoya Jo, OPI BS, Revlon Galaxy: I got pretty antsy this weekend, so I put Revlon Galaxy on top of that previous mani and ended up with this monstrosity. It looks better in pictures than in real life, I think. Then again, I am not actually a big fan of these Revlon glitter topcoats.

Orly Enchanted Forest, SH Hidden Treasure, OPI BS: I woke up Monday morning having dreamt of this combo. It didn't really deliver, though! Oh well, worth a shot!

Zoya Valerie, CND Jade Sparkle, OPI BS: I really like this effect, up close. I bet ChG White Cap would work in the same way as CND Jade Sparkle, here.

DC Concrete Jungle, CND Sapphire Sparkle, OPI BS: Finally, I tried to use Concrete Jungle as my work-appropriate mani for the rest of the week, but I could not sit still. It pulls too blue on me, so I decided it should go in the swap pile. Not before layering on a CND effect and OPI BS, though!

Ok, hopefully I got all my BS out of my system (ehehe). For work, I'm wearing Essie Limited Addiction. I'm not going to put BS on it... yet. I just applied a refresher topcoat so I won't play with it anymore today!


  1. I love them though! Favorite combo is BS and Zoya Jo.

  2. I love them though! Favorite combo is BS and Zoya Jo.