Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Spam while I wait

My parents were supposed to drive down from Canada today and arrive at my place no later than 10. It is now almost 11:30 and I need to go to sleep soon! I've already showered, PJed myself, made up the futon (for myself, obviously!), and changed the sheets on my bed for my folks. But where are they? WHERE ARE THEY!? They haven't called me either, and I generally try not to call my parents (because my Dad gets agitated easily, I don't want to cause him to get into an accident).

Anyways, instead of going to bed early like I wanted to, I'll stay up and post some recent NOTDs.

By the way, in anticipation of my parents staying with me for 5 days, I have hidden 80% of my np stash from my Mom's uncanny ability to find things to nag me about! This is not a signal that I have a problem (no, there are plenty of other signals LOL), it just means I don't like to get nagged!!

Man, I even made my mom some mung bean soup and bought them a frickin' $9 roast chicken from Whole Foods! CMONNN!!

ok I redid my Milani Dress Maker mani sometime ago:

Milani Dress Maker - Bounced Flash

Milani Dress Maker - Direct Flash

Milani Dress Maker - Close up of the secret shimmer :)

I also picked up Milani Bare to Wear:

Milani Bare to Wear - Bounced flash

Milani Bare to Wear - Direct flash

Friday I dropped by Sallys (after a disappointing drugstore run after work: Mall, Target, 2 Walgreens, 2 Riteaids with nothing to show) and picked up China Glaze Ingrid and Emerald Fitzgerald.

China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald - Bounce flash

China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald - Close up

China Glaze Ingrid - Bounce flash

China Glaze Ingrid - Direct flash

A deceptively sexy looking macro with direct flash

The day after, I layered on NARS Arabesque

Again, deceptive direct flash macro :)

Then the other day I dropped into CVS and found this on clearance for $1.12: Maybelline Caliente Coral

Maybelline Caliente Coral - Bounce flash

Day after that I layered on some Hidden Treasure for kicks:

Bounce flash

That's all the spam for now! *looks at the time* Still no parental units!! My dad is the worst at time management, especially when it comes to trips. I'm glad I didn't inherit that from him...


  1. Those look great! I think the first one is my fav (can't remember the name but it's that green one). I hope your parents get there soon. I'm with ya - the next time my parents come, I'll be hiding the majority of my stash, too. LOL

  2. woww so pretty.

    your nails look so healthy. Any recommendations on a hardener/treatment? I broke both my thumb nails last week >_<

  3. Oh that milani one is SUPER pretty! I just put it on my "to buy" list!!

  4. Cherry: I don't have any recs :( My nails are pretty bad under the polish, though my left hand is much better than my right. I heard taking vitamin b7 (biotin) really makes a big difference though...

    Jen: Hi Jen :) Hope you find the Milani! I love it! :D

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  6. Oh that milani one is SUPER pretty! I just put it on my "to buy" list!!