Monday, May 24, 2010

May 2010: Nail Polish Stash

Okay ya'll, all my recent nail polishes purchased online are now in my possession! I mailed Zoya ten of my nasty, old polish and received 10 brand new ones at $3.50 a piece (shipped).

I was so excited to unbox :D

Why Thank you, Vitali.

All 10 lined up in a row. Me, spazzing out.


As of May 15, 2010, my polish collection…

My blues and greens

Obviously I love teals!

My reds/pinks

I didn't have many reds before (Dakota is a replacement for my Sally Hansen Red Brick), but all of these are lovely. The Essie one is really unique to me, I'm looking forward to using that. Sally Hansen Red Carpet + Zoya Ivanka are going to make for one sick Christmas mani/pedi this year!! :D

My purples/darker colours

So there's my Particuliere dupe by Rimmel. I still find it too dark and mauvish in some lights, and Playa del Platinum (in the next pic) is too grey/light and cool still. I want to find something in between...

Zoya Sloane is to replace my Sally Hansen Flirt. I think sloane is a little better, actually. I can't compare, since that's one of the old polishes I swapped. The Sinful Colors in Rich in Heart looks quite close to Sloane, but I swatched them side by side, and the Sinful Colors is quite a bit darker and browner. Yay no dupes yet!

Zoya Pinta is almost indigo or black in some lights. When I get my grubby little hands on Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure I'm totes layering it on top of this.

My... other colours?

Zoya Richelle and SH Gilty Pleasure are quite close as well, but thankfully Zoya's is quite a bit warmer and bronzier, which is what I was going for. The Sally Hansen one is sort of antiquey looking.

There's Essie Playa del Platinum which I'm not quite sure I love yet. Here's me wearing it earlier this week... I don't think it matches my skintone very well, but I do like the colour a lot :(

Since I took these pics, however, about 5 more polishes came my way via my old friend Tish back in Canada. She sent me a few as a birthday present :D I'll save those for a future post though!


  1. SO very pretty. I have a few ZOYA's.
    I'm following you,

  2. Thanks Susie ^^; My addiction to polish is getting out of hand! I picked up a few bottles of OPI yesterday, I should make a post about the new polishes I got since I put this up! :D

  3. Out of hand? I know about out of hand. I started in Dec with 3 and I now have 340! HOLY CRAP.
    Yes, my some post about your new polishes. :)

  4. SO very pretty. I have a few ZOYA's.
    I'm following you,