Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Reswatch - NARS Midnight Express

Like I have been harping for a while, I don't have much new polish to show you guys, so I decided to do another series of "reswatch" posts. Basically, these are polishes that I have kept in my stash, but have not photographed since I first got them!

Hope this is not too boring for you guys :) It's this or... uh... nothing.

This is one of my favourite jelly polishes! It was one of my first NARS polishes that I ordered along with NARS Zulu from Sephora when they re-released a bunch of limited edition polishes. I originally wanted Zulu for all the hype, but ended up LOVING Midnight Express way more (fact: I purged NARS Zulu. I prefer Illamasqua Rampage because it looks green, not black). I actually really like the brush and the cap. NARS polish is really expensive, though. I don't have any other NARS polishes in my stash, at the moment.

Normally I wear it 2 coats on its own. To get it photograph correctly, I had to use about 4 coats, I think. But 2 is perfect for real life :) I love wearing this under Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe, also.

NARS Midnight Express

I just love this polish! I think Nfu Oh has a very close jelly to this; do you guys know of any other dupes?

Oh p.s., I have another Lilacquer collection to show you soon! I just received minis of her new Fifth Element collection yesterday, but haven't had time to swatch yet! If you liked duochromes a la Sally Hansen Nail Prisms (the non holo ones, obviously), I think you'll be interested to see this collection! :)


  1. ME looks gorgeous on you! I'm definitely jealous that you're reswatching. I'll be lucky if I ever swatch all my polishes once, haha.

  2. This is an amazing blue jelly!  I wonder is there is a dupe for this that would be much cheaper...

  3. Yum! That is amazing. 

    Color Club Blue Topia may be close. It is a deep blue jelly. 

    I don't mind re postings. It is nice to see beautiful polishes, whether it is one or more times. And this is your blog, post what you like and have. :D

  4. Yay! It looks gorgeous, I'm always happy to see posts from you!

  5. Yes, Color Club blue-topia is really similar, though more opaque)
    This kind of polishes looks beautiful with flash, but sometimes seems too close to black(

  6. I love the black-blue of it with the blue peeking out:)

  7. Brucci Black & Blue is pretty close - although not very widely available.

  8. This looks awfully like Illamasqua Propaganda to me: an inky blue-black jelly :D