Friday, June 29, 2012

Indie Brand: Lilacquer (The Fifth Element Collection)

It's the WEEKEND! *fist pumps* (Hey, I'm living in Jersey, I can do that, right?)

Disclosure: The polishes in the following post were provided to me for review.

I have the new Lilacquer collection to show you today, inspired by the film The Fifth Element! As much as I love glitter polishes, I think it's nice to see an indie collection with duochrome polishes instead of glitters (I STILL LOVE GLITTER!!)

Hopefully my pictures are helpful; I had a hell of a time trying to capture the duochrome effect. The third picture in each set is under slightly different lighting conditions, so hopefully it gives you an idea of how the polish changes IRL. No macros this time, because I couldn't get a sharp image for any of them up close!!

I thought the formula was good. I did some of the lighter colours 1 coat over a base colour, and the others 2-3 coats on their own. I tried to do a few over black, but I was quite frankly too impatient to let the black dry completely so I ended up making a mess... -_-

Anyways! I have to say, these reminded me a lot of those old Sally Hansen Nail Prisms (the non-holo ones, of course!). I think if those are up your alley, you would enjoy this collection.

My personal favourites were The Diva Plavalaguna and To Protect Love :)

You can purchase Lilacquer polishes from the Lilacquer Etsy shop


Mini bottle shots (Note: the labels on my bottles were just informal ones. The real labels aren't like this!)

Leeloo Multi Pass (1 coat over OPI Samoan Sand) - "Neon orange jelly with a bright pink contrasting shimmer that shifts to a complimenting orange"

To Protect Love (1 coat over OPI Samoan Sand) - "Understated peach jelly with gold, orange, and green shimmer"

Fhloston Paradise (3 coats) - "Bright magenta pink with sky blue highlights."

Supreme Being (3 coats) - "Cornflower blue shimmer with pops of soft pink duochrome"

Roo-bee RHOD! (3 coats) - "A red and burnt orange shimmer that flashes gold and yellow."

Super Green (3 coats) - "Acid green with darker green shimmer verging on a metallic orange"

The Diva Plavalaguna(3 coats) - "Deep blackened blue shimmer that morphs to an aqua green."

Zorg Industries (1 coat over Essie Chinchilly) - "Murky gray jelly with a subtle green to blue shift, almost ugly. Almost!"

I hadn't actually seen the movie before I got this collection, so I watched it the weekend before I received these. I thought it was hilarious and campy. I have to admit, though, I found Chris Tucker to be really grating after a while -.-

I love indie collections that are inspired by something the creator loves. Someone needs to make a Sailor Moon collection and I need to see it.

What are some collections you'd like to see?


  1. Loving Zorg Industries, Super Green, and To Protect Love!

    I'd LOVE to see Harry Potter and Pokemon collections!

  2. Zorg is my favourite!!

  3. Lots of good stuff here! Leeloo Multi Pass looks very yummy, and of course Zorg Industries is calling to me.

  4. Jenna Reddell@YouneedamanicureJune 29, 2012 at 4:51:00 PM EDT

    BEAUTIFUL!!! So enticing, I love Zorg Industiries!

  5. I love The Fifth Element!!  And lots of these colors too....!!

  6. I LOVE THAT MOVIE but yeah ... Chris Tucker ... o_O How 'bout craaaaazy Gary Oldman? :D

    The Diva shade is PERFECTION, I love that character. :) She was my intro to Lucia di Lammermoor!

  7. Very cool collection! It's funny, I was thinking about what kind of polish collection I would design and Sailor Moon would be one of things I would want to do! I'm not an indie maker, but someone should get on this! 

  8. OMG!! I NEED this collection! The Fifth Element is probably my second favorite movie ever, and I have to say these colors work perfectly with the names of the polish. Love, love, love them!

  9. LOL. this is my boyfriend's favorite movie and when i was looking at this post of the close up pictures with the names he was sitting behind and was like "WHAAAAT?!!! YOU HAVE TO BUY THAT WHOLE COLLECTION!"