Friday, June 8, 2012

Nails Inc Baker Street (impossible to photograph?!)

This is the last polish I think I have to show in a while. I have been spending money on makeup and clothes (How could I *not* buy this dress from Anthropologie?!) lately.

Anyway! This polish was impossible to photograph, just like the other two Nails Inc polishes I still own (Warwick Way and Belgrave Place). It just won't photograph correctly, so just trust me: you need to try this out!

It's a very bright, vibrant blue, but there is a touch of white in it. I think it is fabulous. On my skin tone, it's a bit indigo looking, but I know on lots of people it is just a true blue. It reminds me of Orly Royal Navy - the shimmer + white + a tiny bit of purple. Hopefully that helps a bit.

Nails Inc Baker Street - 2 coats

I got my bottle through a swap, but I was prepared to go to Sephora and slap down my Amex for it.

Small gripe, though, the brush is cut a little unevenly. I don't know why I have such horrible luck with Nails Inc brushes (in my original haul from the link above, I had a bunch of wonky brushes!), but I will probably swap in the cap/brush from my Nails Inc top or base coat, whichever I finish first.

I think I would buy a lot more Nails Inc if their brushes were more consistent. Do you get wonky brushes with any particular brand, like me? Haha.


  1. Ugh gorgeous! Still trying to hold off buying it but I'm sure I'll cave eventually.

    P.S. That DRESS! Meow! =)

  2. Yummy!!!  I was trying to take photographs of Butter London's Snog last night, and the brightness made my camera have a hard time picking up the right colour too.

  3. oh my gosh, this is the most impossible polish to get on camera!! i always fight with my camera settings, but you've gotten a whole lot closer than i ever have at capturing this haha

  4. Shut UP this is ridiculous on you!! I know you're the queen of purge, but please keep this one forever. Love it!

    The only brush issues I've had is with  MAC polishes, which is why refuse to buy them.

  5. Gorgeous! To me it looks like a true Royal blue which is hard to find. What sort of base coat did you use?

  6. lol, i love the disclaimer!  i HATE IT  when polishes won't photograph properly, it just makes a mockery of the whole process! xx

  7. Yes! Those neons are impossible to photograph! Try doing it in a pitch black room, then with the flash on the camera, it seems to work a little better :)
    Please let me know if you mind me posting my link, thank!