Tuesday, July 5, 2011

OPI Month: Koala Bear-y

I hope you guys had a good (long) weekend!

DBF and I went up to Canada for a short visit. It was mostly time spent in the car, but we saw both of our folks for a day each. I kind of wish we stayed at home for the weekend, but we did manage to get a couple things we had left in our basements (a couple DDR games, my Planet Earth blurays, and some stuffed animals). We failed to make it to any store (I wanted to pick up a few more Joe Fresh polishes and a bottle of Soho from LCBO)!!

In the car, I read "A Visit From the Goon Squad" by Jennifer Egan and "Never Let Me Go" by Kazuo Ishiguro. I thoroughly enjoyed the first one (with exception to the last chapter, which I really disliked!) and did not really enjoy the second one (didn't like any of the characters; thought the "explanation" chapter near the end was forced). Oh well, they can't all be winners, can they? Any good book recommendations?

Anyway, for the month of July, I decided to wear my OPIs and decide if I wanted to keep or purge them.

First up is OPI Koala Bear-y. This polish is from the Australia collection and I mainly wanted it for its cute name XD

OPI Koala Bear-y - It's a hot "pink popsicle" colour with a great formula. I used 2 coats, but you can still see a tiny bit of VNL. I don't mind it though; it reminds me a bit of the Texas jellies, but much more opaque. I'm wearing this a pedi today, and it is definitely a keeper for me!

OPI Koala Bear-y vs. Zoya Dana - Here's a comparison with my other favourite hot pink. They look quite close in this picture, but Dana is a little less red and more opaque.

On my tips, I am wearing OPI Ecuadorable Coral. I've already shown you this polish here, but I thought it was worth noting that this one is also a keeper for me :)

I had a hard time getting dressed for work today, though, since corally-orange on my tips seemed to clash with everything I owned! So I am wearing two shades of boring grey :P


  1. OMG love this colour!!!

    And love the idea of an OPI month! So excited to see the rest of your July posts!!

  2. This is super pretty on you! I love the finish, too. I think I need this one.

  3. thesmalllittlethingsinlifeJuly 5, 2011 at 11:04:00 AM EDT

    Bah! I loved Never Let Me Go! May I suggest some Ian McEwan such as Atonement or The Comfort of Strangers? 

  4. I am LOVING this color! Wow.

  5. yay for OPI month! this color is lovely I'd keep it too

  6. I have this one and I love it :)

  7. wow! looks so beautiful!

  8. Thanks for the comparison(:
    Theyre both really gorgeous polishes

    <3 BB

  9. I'll try the Comfort of Strangers; I read a third of Atonement before I went to watch the movie lol :) Thanks for the rec!