Wednesday, July 13, 2011

OPI Month: Funky Dunkey

Today, I'm wearing OPI Funky Dunkey from the Shrek collection last year. Let's just get this out of the way: the name makes no sense!

I liked the format I used last time to discuss the polish, so I'm going to keep going with that.
  • Formula: Beautiful formula; 2 coats for full coverage
  • Colour: Mid-tone purple on the warmish side. I think it's flattering on my skin tone. It's not always work-appropriate, but since it's summer time, I'm wearing it anyways.
  • Finish: Creamy and glossy. I love cremes.
  • Uniqueness: Ok, here's where the polish falls a bit short. There are a million similar polishes to this (Orly Charged Up, ChG Grape Pop, RBL Mismas just to name a few). I own American Apparel African Violet, which, while not an exact dupe, is pretty darn close. I have yet to decide which polish I prefer, as I feel I should probably purge one of them.

Below are repost swatches of Funky Dunkey, as well any comparisons I've done in the past.

OPI Funky Dunkey

Comparison: American Apparel African Violet vs. OPI Funky Dunkey - To be honest, this picture makes them look closer than they do in real life, but they are still super super close. The American Apparel is a bit more opaque (almost a 1 coater), and the colour seems to have a bit more red in it.

Comparison: OPI Funky Dunkey vs. Zoya Malia - Purples are so hard to capture! Both of these should be warmer than pictured. By the way, Malia is a very pretty purple.

Comparison: Zoya Savita vs. OPI Funky Dunkey - I had done this comparison to show the relative base colour of Savita. Which reminds me, I really need to wear my Zoyas. I think Zoya month is going to follow OPI month.

I think I'm going to keep OPI Funky Dunkey in my stash. It's just a nice polish to have. I think this means I need to purge the American Apparel... but I will defer that decision for now. LOL!

I'm going to the dentist tomorrow morning. I haven't been for a year (bad me!) because I cancelled my last cleaning 6 months ago at the last minute, and then never rescheduled >


  1. wow!!!!!!! love this kind of purple!!!!!!!

  2. you're going to purge a ONE-COATER?! lol...x))

  3. Gorgeous, as always. Gawd I LOVE purple! This is in my top 20 polishes for sure.

  4. haha just keep both! they're different enough! good luck at the dentist! (i love the dentist, am i weird? haha)

  5. i have this one and I love it!!!... So pretty and yes easy to apply! Good luck at the dentist ;)

  6. It's really pretty.  I love that kind of purple.  

  7. Dunkey = Donkey ....maybe perhaps?

    either way this is a very pretty color!

  8. I love funky donkey!! And your pictures and manis are always perfect!!

  9. It looks similar to Zoya Mira too, maybe not an exact dupe though.  I love that you compare colors that are close but obviously not dupes! It's really helpful :)

  10. I think you should purge the AA.  To me, the OPI is a better color on you. :)

  11. I think this is beautiful, even if it's not unique. And it looks very good on you!

  12. I just water marbled my nails and FD was one of the colors I used. It water marbles beautifully.  (As does 'I Vant to be a Lone-Star')