Friday, August 17, 2012

Indie: Polish Revolution spam

Disclosure: The following polishes were provided to me for review and swatching!

Hi guys! I know Lauryn from a nail polish community and she asked me if I could swatch her polish line for her. So here we are :)

The formula on her polishes were all great; very easy to apply. They aren't glitter-bomb topcoats like some other indies, rather, most of them are meant to be worn on their own. She did tell me that she'll be adding more of the large heart glitters to Oh My Goth! and large white glitters to the polishes that have them, though! I think the labels are so cute and I like how each colour has a different colour scheme and font style.

My personal favourites are Vegan Zombie and Surprise!

You can find Polish Revoluation at her Etsy shop. She said she would be restocking it tomorrow around noon EST (Saturday, Aug 18)!

Bottle Shots

Polish Revolution A Better Tomorrow

Polish Revolution A Better Tomorrow - 3 coats on its own, such a great formula! The base colour is a little deeper than pictured, since it is a jelly, it photographs a bit lighter because of my flash :)

Polish Revolution Coffeeshop Politics

Polish Revolution Coffeeshop Politics (2 coats) over ChG Ingrid

Polish Revolution Coffeeshop Politics (2 coats) over Essie French Affair (yes, ugh, I still own this terrible pink polish LOL)

Polish Revolution Coffeeshop Politics (2 coats) over Nails Inc Warwick Way

Polish Revolution Oh My Goth!

Polish Revolution Oh My Goth! - 3 coats on its own. Again, since the base is jelly, it's the base colour is a bit deeper than the pictures show. I got a heart out by chance, but you might have to fish around for them since heart glitters are pretty heavy.

Polish Revolution Scared of Clowns

Polish Revolution Scared of Clowns - 3 coats on its own, the base is a little deeper than it photographed here (think something like BBC Dragon's Breath)

Polish Revolution Surprise

Polish Revolution Surprise - 3 coats on its own, I rushed the application a bit so there is some balding going on!

Polish Revolution Surprise - 2 coats over NARS MIdnight Express - this is BANGIN'

Polish Revolution Underground Movement

Polish Revolution Underground Movement- 3 coats on its own - It is impossible to photograph this one accurately, lol. The base is much warmer, similar to SH XW Purple Pizzazz, and the glitters are more distinct IRL (distinct shades of blue/aqua, purple, holo, etc)

Polish Revolution Underground Movement (2 coats) over Orly Plum Noir - I tried to layer it over a really warm purple so it would show up a bit better, but it still looks wrong -_-

Polish Revolution Vegan Zombie

Polish Revolution Vegan Zombie - 3 coats on its own, the base is quite a bit sheerer than the other jelly ones, but I think it works well for a "neutral with a twist" look

Polish Revolution Vegan Zombie (2 coats) over OPI Skull & Glossbones

Any of these interest you?

I just got a bunch of new Pam's Girly Bits yesterday and I can't wait to swatch them! :D Have a great weekend, guys!


  1. WHOA! These are fantastic! I love your layering of Coffee Shop Politics over Ingrid- pure genius! They are really all so beautiful.

  2. OMG, what awesome swatches and awesome nail color! I'll be checking these out for sure:)

  3. I love Better Tomorrow and Oh My Goth! I've been dying to see indies make somethig other than glitter layering polishes!

  4. These are awesome! I love Vegan Zombie, Coffee Shop Politics and Oh my Goth, fantastic.

  5. Ohhh....I need Vegan Zombie and Oh My Goth!

  6. Awesome collection...!!! :-O
    I love all of them but, especially, "Coffeeshop Politics"

  7. those jellies are sweet, and your layering combos are so on point!

  8. Oh these are a nice collection of polishes! I really like Coffeshop Politics and Vegan Zombie!

  9. Wow some of these are amazing! I really like a better tomorrow (reminds me of donuts), oh my goth and vegan zombie! i love jellies!

  10. Same here! Those are the two that I like - and not just like but grabbed me like whoa!

  11. Haha donuts is a great way to describe it. Jellies are so awesome, but so hard to photograph with flash ><

  12. Vegan Zombie is especially interesting to me because I haven't seen anything else like it before (but I may be out of the indie loop... it's hard to keep up!)

  13. Haha, I wasn't sure what it would look good over, hence the three different base colours!