Thursday, August 23, 2012

Indie: Pam's Girly Bits - a delightful spread of spam

Disclosure: The following polishes were sent to me for review.

Hey guys! Look what Pam, from Pam's Girly Bits, sent me recently!!! These are from a variety of collections.

Formula on all of these were fantastic. Pam has that shiz ~nailed~ down. Check out my swatches!

Arctic Sunrise - 3 coats. No secret shimmer here! Very pretty polish; it reminds me a bit of that Sinful Colors Cinderella polish that everyone was going crazy about earlier this year... I never got it, but I can't imagine it's as beautiful as Arctic Sunrise :p Sorry for that little bald bit on my ring finger! I didn't notice it until I uploaded the pics!

Cu Blue - 1st and 3rd pics are 2 coats over AA Hassid. 2nd pic is 3 coats on its own. This is a deep blue jelly with copper shimmer, so it was really difficult to photograph, hence the layering over black. But let me be perfectly clear, 3 coats by itself is super gorgeous and opaque, while still jelly. It is very dark blue (think NARS Midnight Express), but the copper shimmer adds depth, even in indoor lighting. Looks beautiful in sunlight *sighs* This reminds me of one of those recent RBL polishes where everyone was disappointed in the shimmer being too lost.

Sidebar: why does the blue pigment in polishes like this always stink? LOL. This one smells quite bad as you're applying (and while it's drying), but it's completely worth it, ok?

Mother May I? - 2 coats, no underwear :O. In indoor lighting, the shimmer is not that apparent. I actually prefer how it looks indoors compared to how it looks in full sun, but only because I like jelly bases a lot, LOL. Still, this polish is so beautiful and applies flawlessly. The glitter mix originally reminded me of Lynnderella Boy Girl Party, but Mother May I? has the added bonus of square turquoise glitter and cool iridescent glitter. My pictures really don't do this one justice! Love love love!

Daddy's Little Girl - 2 coats over AA Hassid. Sorry for the messy swatch! Those little glitters like to get everywhere XD I really like the blue glitter in this; it's so light catching.

Hocus Pocus - 2 coats. Silvery holo topcoat. The formula flows easily onto the nail. This first set of pictures is 2 coats on its own, there is a little VNL, but lots of rainbows in direct light

Hocus Pocus - 1 coat over Essie Cocktail Bling. I'm wearing this as my NOTD right now and it's very pretty! In dim lighting, the topcoat gives my nails a bit of a silvery look, but oddly enough appears kind of golden? It kind of reminds me of how OPI DS Sapphire looks, if you have that and know what I mean about there being a golden/rosy cast to it. Can someone explain what this sorcery is?!

Jelly Shoes - 2 coats over Illamasqua Collide. This one looks great 3 coats on its own, but wouldn't photograph correctly, again, because it has a jelly base :D This one is pretty darn neon, but doesn't dry matte (I guess because of the shimmer?) which I thought was interesting.

Star Spangled - 2 coats over CND Midnight Sapphire. This looks way better on the nail than it looks in the bottle. It's actually super sparkley, and I didn't even know until I saw the macro I took that there's super itty bitty bar glitter in there!!

Wet Bikini - 2 coats over CND Midnight Sapphire. I really like this mix of glitter... because it doesn't have holo glitter XD I'm also loving those square turquoise pieces. Ahhh lovely! I can't wait to put this in a jelly sammich!

My top picks are Cu Blue, Mother May I?, and Wet Bikini.

Thanks for sending me these polishes, Pam! They are gorgeous!

How to spend your monies on these (hehe):
Pam's Store
Pam's page at Llarowe

Whachu guys think? I know some of you probably want to strangle me for posting so many indies lately, but I promise I have a "normal" spam post coming soon. I *finally* got on the OPI Ballet train, LOL.

Next week I'm flying up to Toronto for a conference and I'm going to be seeing a few old friends. I'm looking forward to going... which reminds me, I need to buy some CAD! Have a good weekend, guys! :D


  1. ...I got as far as Hocus Pocus before heading to Llarowe, That one and Street Magic (on sale!!) are now on their way to me. Great swatches!

  2. Cu Blue. I need it.Now. Gorgeous swatches as always!