Sunday, August 12, 2012

Indie: Lilacquer Science! Collection Swatch Spam!

Disclosure: The polishes in the following post were provided to me for review.

Hey guys! I have another new collection from Lilacquer to show you! These are all topcoats that have that cool glitter that looks clear-ish in the bottle, but shines different colours on the nail depending on the angle of the light. This is easily my favourite kind of glitter :D

The formula is easy to use and the names are so cute!

Lilacquer is releasing these on her shop one every couple of weeks. Checkout the release schedule below:

August 3rd - Schrodinger's Catastrophe
August 17th - Antimatter of Opinion
August 31st - Blueberry Pi
September 14th - A Quantum Entanglement
September 28th - Gluon Nails
October 12th - Bohr-ing
October 26th - Walk the Planck
November 9th - The God Particle

You can find Lilacquer polishes here on Etsy.

I did the swatches over a colour base and then black base.

Mini bottles! Also showing Lilacquer's new labels.

A Quantum Entanglement over Essie Who Is the Boss

A Quantum Entanglement over AA Hassid

Antimatter of Opinion over Illa Rampage

Antimatter of Opinion over

Blueberry Pi over CND Midnight Sapphire

Blueberry Pi over

Bohr-ing over Essie Power Clutch

Bohr-ing over

Gluon Nails over Orly Plum Noir

Gluon Nails over

Schrodinger's Catastrophe over NARS Midnight Express

Schrodinger's Catastrophe

The God Particle over Essie Limited Addiction

The God Particle over

Walk the Planck over Essie Film Noir

Walk the Planck over

and here are skittles so you can compare them against one another:

Blueberry Pi, Schrodinger's Catastrophe, Walk the Planck

Antimatter of Opinion, Bohr-ing, Gluon Nails, The God Particle

My personal faves are Blueberry Pi, Schrodinger's Catastrophe, and the God Particle :D

What do you guys think?


  1. Love these! They are so unique, I think Borh-ing is my fave though!

  2. Thanks for swatching so thoroughly and for comparing them! I love that big, iridescent glitter ingredient!

  3. I just got Schrodinger's Catastrophe in the mail, now I can't wait to try it!

  4. I can't pick a favorite, I love them all!

  5. As a science major, I LOVE the names! (Niels Bohr, Schrodinger, The "God" Particle, Planck's Constant.) As for the polish, I really like Bohr-ing, The God Particle, and Antimatter of Opinion!

  6. Those are all beautiful, they're going straight onto the wishlist! Anything named after Science (with such excellent choices) gets an extra thumbs up!

  7. So pretty! They look great on you!