Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Zoya Spam!

I realized I haven't posted my other Zoyas yet!

Zoya Alegra - I ordered this last year during the Zoya exchange. I had such a hard time choosing from the Sparkle collection because they all looked so amazing! This one is pink/fuchsia. OPI Let Me Entertain You is a dupe.

Zoya Charla - The famous Charla! Of course there are many, many dupes for this polish. OPI Catch Me In Your Net, Orly Halley's Comet, Essence Choose Me, Jesse's Girl Glee (this one is new!),.. the list goes on and on.

Zoya Dakota - A slightly dark brick red creme. I wore it for Canada Day last year and it was totally wrong LOL. I have more appropriate reds, so I'll be better prepared this year :)

Zoya Dana - From the summer Flash collection, this pink is so bright (but not neon)! Love it on toes!

Zoya Edyta - Very popular colour now, but I'm still letting it grow on me a bit. Similar polishes (but not dupes) are DC Never So Evergreen, Nubar Verde, and RBL Catherine.

Zoya Ivanka - Also from the Sparkle collection last summer, this one really caught my eye! I haven't worn it in a while though...

Zoya Julieanne - A cooler purple with Zoya-flecks. Very pretty, but feels familiar.

Zoya Kelly - A medium/dark grey that leans slightly blueish.

Zoya Moxie - This is kind of a raspberry colour, but I haven't worn it yet :O

Zoya Robyn - From the Flash collection, a fave blue creme! Again, very bright, but not neon.

Zoya Shawn - From the recent Wonderful collection, a mossy green creme.

Zoya Sloane - A vampy shimmery purpley red. Haven't worn this much, though.

Zoya Valerie - Warmer purple with Zoya-flecks. This looks amazing in the bottle, and slightly less so on the nail, but is still super pretty!

Zoya Veruschka - Of course, a Top 20 fave of mine! I definitely recommend this polish! A dupe is OPI Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow Suede BUT everyone says the Zoya has more depth and sparkle.


  1. I love Zoya!! I have quite a few of those and I'm adding Sloane and Veruschka to my lemming list for June now. Great swatches.

  2. i love zoya. the faves I own are crystal and valerie but charla is so nice too

  3. Oh, I love to find nail blogs that are new to me. Love your nails! And love Zoya!

  4. @Megan: Yay! What else do you have on your lemm list?

    @AmyGrace: Thanks for stopping by ^_^

  5. Great swatches of great colors! Like your blog.

  6. @Megan: Yay! What else do you have on your lemm list?

    @AmyGrace: Thanks for stopping by ^_^