Thursday, January 13, 2011

Some Canadian polishes for ya: Joe Fresh and GOSH

Over the holidays, DBF and I drove back to Canada to visit his family. Mine are also in Canada (usually), but this year they flew down to California to see my brother and the new baby. We were going to fly down too after we drove back from Canada, but the blizzard that hit the northeast cancelled that plan!

Anyway, we made a quick stop at Loblaws to get a few things and of course I had to look for Joe Fresh polishes! They are $4 each or 3/$10 so I picked three. There were others I'd seen swatches of online, but I didn't find them in store. Next time I'm in Canada though - watch out!

Joe Fresh Jade - I thought this looked a bit like Essie Pretty Edgy when picking it out, but it's actually quite a bit darker. I forgot to upload the comparison pic with that one though!

Here is it compared with some other greens, though:

Comparison: Joe Fresh Jade and OPI JitNB

Comparison: Joe Fresh Jade and Essie Going Incognito

Joe Fresh Gunmetal - pretty opaque in two coats! It's almost taupe-ish.

Comparison: Joe Fresh Gunmetal and OPI Brand New Skates

Joe Fresh Peacock - at least I think it is; there was no sticker on this one. There's a very slight duochrome, but it's pretty!

Surprisingly, I don't have anything similar to this! To help you get an idea of the color:

Comparison: Joe Fresh Peacock and ChG Emerald Fitzgerald

We went with DBF's mom to run some errands the day before Christmas and stopped at Shoppers Drugmart for some milk and other essentials. I miss Shoppers! I think their points system is a lot better than what they do here in the States (Registered Rewards / Extra Bucks). I went to look for GOSH polishes and was happy to find them only to be $6! There was only one that interested me (I almost got Gasoline too, but decided against it).

GOSH Golden Dragon - This polish is nice, but a little brush strokey! It still looks amazing though!

Nothing close to it in my stash, but here it is compared to Zoya Ivanka.

Comparison: GOSH Golden Dragon and Zoya Ivanka

I went to look at the other polishes in SDM, and found out that Essie sells for 11.99 CAD! That's insane and unfair! My poor fellow Canucks :(

Oh, by the way, I've heard that some Duane Reades in the city sell GOSH as well. I'm not sure for how much, but I need to make another trip soon... tough life being a bridge and tunnel girl LOL.


  1. Great choices and thanks so much for the comparisons!

  2. I have all the Joe colours you have up there!

  3. I have all the Joe colours you have up there!