Thursday, July 19, 2012

Non-Nails Post: Shiseido Rouge Lacquers Swatches

I don't usually do makeup posts, because I remember when I was first getting into nails, I hated makeup posts in my nail blog feeds, LOL. But, since there are not too many swatches of these online, I thought I should make an exception here. I promise I won't be making a habit of this!


Initial thoughts:

They feel different on the lips than YSL glossy stains; there's no gummy texture. These are definitely more a liquid lipstick than a gloss. So far they are very opaque.

They do transfer onto a drinking glass more than YSL glossy stains, too.

There's no scent, from what I can tell.

Still need some time to figure out which colours I like on my lips. I can say that Camel is not a good look on me (NC25, black hair) O_O

The haul

Packaging comparison with YSL Glossy Stains. No window to see the colour

The "name" doesn't show on the sticker, so it could be a little annoying if you had a bunch to try and find the one you want.

Close ups (sorry Nocturne is out of focus!) - they all have a tiny shimmer running through them.

With my 3 YSL glossy stains

Ok it's over!


  1. Well, they are called "lacquers" so it's not such a stretch for you to swatch these. :)

  2. KarenD is wise :D And I'm one reader who is ridiculously grateful for these swatches

  3. I am so grateful too and in love!

  4. My wallet officially hates you, but I LOVE you for these swatches! I need these asap.

  5. I have seen them live already, but could not decide for a colour. Great pics here, thank you for swatching. Still wondering which colour deserves my money best ;-) Yes, my wallet hates you too *lol* this happens quite often in our community, ain't it?