Sunday, March 25, 2012

Zoya Bevin, Skylar, and Lotus

I picked up a few polishes from the Zoya Spring 2012 collection. Lately I haven't had much of a polish "itch" where I need to haul like a madwoman, but that's good, right? I think after I get back from my trip, I want to take a look at my stash again and see if I can weed out any more I don't love. Addicted to purging! :D

Zoya Bevin - 2 coats. Really nice, no complaints.

Comparison: Zoya Bevin and OPI Mermaid's Tears (both 2 coats) - I wanted these to be close so I could purge the OPI, but looks like all I did was just add another polish to my green collection. LOL.

Comparison: Zoya Bevin and Essie Greenport - Greenport looks so light compared to the Zoya!

Comparison: Zoya Bevin and Misa Dirty Sexy Money - If you don't have the Misa, you really should get it.

Zoya Skylar - 3 coats. Really love this. Do you think Zoya-peeps watch Breaking Bad? Because from my understanding, "Skylar" is not the traditional way to spell that name. Anyways, this colour is great.

Comparison: Zoya Skylar, Zoya Crystal, and Essie Smooth Sailing - I don't own OPI I Have A Herring Problem, but they are very close according to thepolishaholic.

Here's a bottle pic comparison with RBL Catherine H, since my friend had asked for it:

Zoya Lotus - 2 coats. Sort of a dusty purple with a bit of depth. I'm sort of on the fence about this one. The formula is nice, though!

Comparison: Zoya Lotus and Zoya Neeka (both 2 coats) - I am a FREAK for Zoya Neeka, so I feel like I would always pick Neeka over Lotus.

Comparison: Zoya Lotus and Nina Never Glum Plum (both 2 coats) - I thought Lotus was kind of greyed out, but it definitely is not when compared to Nina NGP (dupe for Essie Smokin' Hot, SH Grey Area, and Zoya Petra).

I like Zoya. I wonder if they are going to do their Earth Day promo this year? I will probably pass on that, though, since there aren't any other Zoyas I'm interested in right now.


  1. Yess purging is so addictive.
    (That sounded like a promotion for eating disorders, but it's not).

    And all of these are beautiful. I really like Bevin. Weird name though.

  2. It is so funny that you mentioned Skylar and Breaking Bad...someone else noticed it too! I have always known Skylar to be spelled that way (there was a kid in my high school with that name), so I didn't do a double take. I wonder how it is spelled in Breaking Bad!

  3. Oh my word, i'm loving Lotus, your nails look lovely x

  4. I am in a nail funk right now too :) I agree with the Neeka/Lotus comp. I would always pick Neeka over Lotus too.

  5. Hahaha, too bad purging has that connotation! Yeah, Zoya's names are getting really weird. Do they really know people with those names??

  6. I think it's spelled like Skylar in the show! Can't wait for it to come back... whenever that is :(