Friday, March 2, 2012

Jessica Disco Diva

I just received my Jessica Disco Diva Set the other day, and it turns out it's already sold out online :(

I think it's fun to see the holo come out as the polish dries ^^

Comparison: Nfu Oh 61 and Jessica Disco Diva (2 coats, both over the Jessica base coat) - The Jessica is maybe a tiny bit more holo than the Nfu Oh, but I still think they are dupes. This Nfu Oh is from April 2011 and I got it at

If you're in need of holos, do yourself a favour and buy the Layla ones that are just coming out now. There's a few up at Aveyou right now. I have 3 so far, and the other 5 are still on their way. They are incredible.


  1. That is beautiful! Too bad about it being sold out. :(

  2. Seriously glad I snagged  the Disco Diva set when I did! Your photos are amazing, I couldn't for the life of me get a good picture of the holo effects!

  3. So gorgeous! I really need to buy my first holo soon!